tds challan 281

Challan 281: Download Challan 281 Form and Track Online

Challan 281 is a government document which is used to deposit Tax deduction at source (TDS)or Tax collected at source (TCS). The official form is designed by the Income tax department for direct taxes, which includes corporate and income taxes. This form comes is filled during the payment of your TDS/TCS TAXES. This type of indirect taxes is the amount deducted before depositing your salary into your account. The person who is applicable for Tax Audit under section 44AB is accountable to deduct TDS from their basic salary. Before that your payment was correctly  clear in TDS department. You can pay TDS Callahan payment online.

tds challan 281

Online Payment of Taxes

Earlier, people had to stand in a queue to submit their taxes, which took lots of time and effort. In this fast life, Netbanking has helped to make the work simpler.Tax payment is paid through three single copy Challan:

  1. Challan 280 for income tax for companies and income taxpayers.
  2. Challan 281 is helpful in depositing tax deducted at source(TDS)/ Tax collected at source(TCS).
  3. Challan No. ITNS 282 for payment of hotel receipts, gifts, estate, wealth, security tax etc.

In this article may focus on the Challan 281 which is mandatory for companies that include limited, Partnership, Individual, Association, Local Authorities which are eligible for paying a fraction of amount for easy flow of revenues to the Income tax department. This form is available for free online which just needs some details to be filled and in some time you finish with the payment of your taxes. This system works on just a principal “Pay as you Work”.

Important points to remember while filling Challan 281

  1. Firstly, the deductee should have a valid 10 digit TAN Number, in case the Tan number is not valid then the deductee cannot move further with the process of filing the Challan 281. Eg: for company tick on 0020 COMPANY DEDUCTEES and for non- companies tick on 0021 NON- COMPANY DEDUCTEES.
  2. Deposit tax deducted from companies and non companies in two different and separate columns. This may help to avoid mistakes created while filling the forms.
  3. Do not deposit tax deduction under different sections of the income tax in a single Challan. Make sure it is done carefully.
  4. Do not deposit tax deduction in two different quarters in a single Challan. Make proper demarcation between the two before filling the form.
  5. While submitting the details of the payment done by you, be careful to write the total in words as well as figures.

Download TDS Challan Form in Excel

Conclusion of Challan 281

With the emergence of online banking and several applications that have helped us to make least visits to the bank. These online forms are helpful in saving time and effort. This luxury of e-banking is helpful for businessmen to pay taxes on time and with great ease. There are several agencies that provide paid facility of online depositing of your TDS/TCS taxes.

They take the burden of doing all the process of filling form, managing your account everything in a fixed time frame. Some have a separate accounting  department that is an expert in this work. Our blog covers different challans like Challan 281, OLTAS challan, TDS challan and many more challan soon. Pay Tax on time to stay tension free forever!

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