E Pehchan Card: How to Download e pehchan Card Online?

What is e Pehchan Card?

What is e pehchan card? In this article we talk about how to download e pehchan card online, benefits of esic e pehchan card, online status and so on. In a thickly populated country with approximately a population density of 382 persons per square kilometers, competition for literally everything is at a pace no one could have ever imagined. Also you can check new Faug game as alternative of PUBg game.

Now, everyone wants to avail the maximum number of benefits as they can. The government introduced these ESI e pehchan card (also called e-pehchan cards) which will help you in availing all the possible benefits of the ESI scheme. The employer contributes 4.75 percent with employees , 1.75 percent of the total earnings here. ESI stands for Employees state insurance.

e pehchan card
e pehchan card

Key Features of ESIC e Pehchan Card

It is a corporation which is totally self financed, and provides social security to the industrial employees in India via the schemes. It is an autonomous body working according to the act of ESI, 1998. Any firm employing more than 10 workers is required to register for the ESI scheme. Some of the key features of the ESI are:

  • Unemployment allowance
  • Sickness benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Dependants benefits
  • Maternity benefits
  • Disablement benefits
  • Rehabilitation allowances
  • Funeral expenses

There is a provision of entitlement of the workers to medical facilities along with the people (mostly family members), dependent on them. In case of female employees, maternity benefits are there too. In case of death (or disablement), which is in any relevance to the working space, there are provisions for disablement benefits and family pension for the dependent. As many people want to download challan 280 so you can do from our website.

Eligibility Criteria for ESIC e Pehchan Card

To be eligible for this esic scheme, the average salary of the employee (monthly) should not exceed 21,000 rupees and 25,000 rupees for the disabled. In recent years, an improvement in the technical aspect of the ESI scheme has seen massive progress which can be seen as pehchan smart cards and e pehchan cards were introduced as a part of project Panchdeep. The administrative committee for this scheme is the Ministry of labor and employment, Government of India.

Medical Aspects Of The ESI

This corporation can also set various hospitals and dispensaries, both independently as well as by collaborating with the state governments, however, most of the health care facility centers are run and administered by state governments only. The corporation can also raise loans, because it’s a legal entity. The ESI runs various medical, paramedical, dental and nursing colleges across the nation. 9 medical and 2 dental colleges are established by the ESI.

The government of India is aiming to establish 12 more medical schools in the country, in the upcoming years. They admit students on the basis of their NEET-UG score (national eligibility or entrance test for undergraduate courses).the dental colleges are located at Delhi, the national capital and Gulbarga, in Karnataka.  Kolkata, Faridabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Gulbarga are the 6 locations of the medical colleges that are being administered by the Ministry of Labor and Employment in India. The remaining 3 colleges are managed by the various state governments. The names of these medical schools are:

  1. Shri lal bahadur shastri medical college and hospital, mandi
  2. Government medical college, kollam
  3. ESIC medical college, Gulbarga
  4. ESIC medical college, Coimbatore.

How To Get E Pehchan Card?

It’s simple. Just follow the following steps:

  • You need to visit the official website (esic.in) and download the pehchan application form from there.
  • Now, fill in the required field of details in the form.
  • You need to submit the pictures of your family, consisting of all the necessary details along with the photo of the members dependent on you.
  • After signing the pehchan form, the employee has to go, along with the dependents, to the nearest ESIC office, where the photos and the biometrics would be taken for all of you.
  • You might get a call from the ESIC to collect your cards or 2 cards will be couriered to you within a span of 30 days. A set of 2 cards will be sent to you.

Some Key Features Or Benefits Of E Pehchan Card

  • The insured person is entitled to the use of these e pehchan cardeven if if the employee changes his/her job. One can still enjoy all the benefits provided under the ESI scheme. If he/she is changing the job, they need to inform the new employer and provide the details of the insurance number of theirs.
  • You can also change the benefits or the contributions by simply registering in your ESI portal with the insurance number provided by the authorities to you.
  • The e pehchan cardare valid just for mere 2 months after the beginning of the contribution, please note that the e-pehchan card is needed to be linked with the Aadhar card, to validate it completely.
  • The name of the dispensary provided in the card of yours is to be considered your prime dispensary from where you can avail the benefits, you will get a different form (form no.4) with the help of which you can get a treatment at a much renowned and big hospital of ESIC.
  • Phone numbers, addresses are some of the details which are way too important but are changeable and keeps on varying from time to time, the employer can be asked to keep updating this information of yours.
  • Mention of a nominee for your insurance is really very significant here, in case the employee dies, the money goes to the nominee whose name was provided in the form.
  • These cards are very important and should be always carried in the medical centers such as hospitals and dispensaries, in order to avail the medical benefits under the ESI scheme.

Required Documents For e Pehchan Card Form Filling

Whenever you want to filling esic e-pehchan form then you have to some required documents. List of documents as below:

  • Details of insured people like Date of birth, Age, Name
  • Employee’s insured code and details
  • 17 Digit employer code
  • Nominee details with address

How to Download e Pehchan Card Online?

In this section we shared how to download e pehchan card download online from www.esic .in website. You have to just follow below steps:

  • First of all visit ESIC official website esic.in
  • Then click on login page and enter your username & password
  • So in Menu section you can show Employee Details
  • Click on “e pehchan card”
  • So you can save as PDF e pehchan card or download as well
  • Finally you can download e pehchan card online

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Final Words

So, as per the information given above, e pehchan card are issued to the employees of various firms or establishments, registered under the ESI scheme. These cards can be used to avail various benefits provided to the employees, provided that their salary is not above 21,000 rupees and 25,000 rupees for the disabled. It can be obtained by the employee, by filling various details in the pehchan form which is available on the official website of ESIC. Stay with challan status.co.in us for ESIC latest updates & news online!

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