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In first place epass Rajasthan: Considering the Corona Virus circumstance in Rajasthan, the State legislature of Rajasthan has presented the office of ePass Rajasthan for (Lockdown Pass) for the development of workforce and vehicles occupied with the activity of fundamental administrations and supply of products. Also, The move was taken to encourage individuals looking for the passes and to guarantee social removing, as per a discharge. Now Check Jan Suchna Portal Rajasthan Gov in 2020 online.

In addition, An organization/firm can get the lockdown Pass for their workforce and vehicles online by signing in to https://epass.rajasthan.Pass.in. After the endorsement of use, the e-pass will be messaged to the candidate in two sections. One section will have the photo of the candidate and a Brisk Reaction (QR) code and the pass holder should glue it on the vehicle while the subsequent part will have individual subtleties of the holder and the vehicle number. So The pass can be checked carefully by police officers through a versatile application

There are the following two alternatives (approaches) to produce epass Rajasthan during the lockdown.

  1. Firstly RajCop Resident Application [Useful for Individual Work]
  2. Secondly e-Pass Site [Useful Firms/Business occupied with basic products/Supply]

Furthermore, Online business organizations’ conveyance operators will be permitted to convey in Rajasthan without an official pass, Soni let us know. In any case, the RajCop Resident application has internet business organizations recorded under the “idea of work” choice. Conveyance operators need to have legitimate ID cards, and the police on the ground can “check” in the event that they are conveying basic merchandise or not.

List of Basic Products and Enterprises:

  • Essential Manufacturing
  • Water
  • Postal Administrations
  • Medical Treatment
  • Essential Things Appropriation
  • Electricity
  • Internet Administrations
  • Bank/ATM
  • Law and Request and Authoritative Obligations
  • Others which are very criticalness in nature
  • Food supply
  • Fire
  • Telecom
  • Medical Crisis
  • Couriers
  • Police
  • Media
  • Pass Wellbeing Laborers (Specialists, Attendants, Clinical Staff)
  • Essential Things Transportation

Required Documents For Epass Rajasthan 

In addition, To apply for the lockdown Pass as an individual, inhabitants need to give insights concerning their course, what kind of vehicle they would be driving, vehicle number, nature of work, and itemized purpose behind requiring a lockdown pass. The application likewise “firmly suggests” for an individual to transfer their photograph and Passvernment ID including Voter ID, Aadhaar, driving permit, and so forth. As well as Organizations need to give their Corporate Personality Number (CIN), and an absolute number of workers, and a number of passes required too.

Inhabitants would likewise require their SSO ID (Single-sign-on ID) and secret phrase to sign in to the application. MediaNama could make an SSO ID utilizing a Gmail email address. We likewise had the choice of making it utilizing Aadhaar, Bhamashah (Rajasthan’s rendition of Aadhaar) records, or even a Facebook profile. Besides the Inside the application, inhabitants can choose the “Lockdown Pass” choice in the application, and register their purpose behind requiring a pass.

Both the methods for applying for ePass require SSOID, so on the off chance that you don’t have SSO ID, you can’t matter through above. So in the event that you don’t have SSO ID the first Step is to produce/Make an SSO ID


Also, You can make SSO ID in Rajasthan by enlisting on the SSO site (https://sso.rajasthan.Passv.in/register) using the accompanying methods:

For Residents:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Jan Aadhar (Just for inhabitants of Rajasthan)
  • Bhamashah

For Passvernment Workers:

  • SIPF number

For Udyog:

  • Udhyog Aadhaar
  • BRN

Rajasthan online Pass Helpline Number

Also If you have any queries about Rajasthan epass you can contact the helpline number.

  • Epass Rajasthan helpline number is 0141-2225624

How to Apply for Lockdown Pass in Rajasthan

For RajCop Resident Application:

Moreover, Download RajCop Resident Android Application from PassoglePlay store or Application connect – https://play.Passogle.com/store/applications/details?id=com.datainfosys.rajasthanpolice.publicapp( IOS Application is additionally accessible). Note: Download RajCop Resident Application and not RajCop Application, the RajCop application is just for police faculty. Download from PassoglePlay Store

  1. firstly Login into the application, through SSSOID and secret key.
  2. then On the upper left corner, a possibility for a lock-down pass would be noticeable. Snap-on the choice.
  3. After that Create the e-pass by adhering to the directions.
  4. Once the solicitation is submitted for endorsement, it might take up to 24 hours for endorsement. After endorsement, the pass is obvious on the application and an email is likewise Passtten.
  5. In case the solicitation is denied, the client can resubmit the application.

For Rajasthan e Pass Site

  1. Pass the ePass Site (www.epass.Rajasthan.Passv.in)
  2. Login into the site, through SSSOID and secret key.
  3. Register the Organization and fill in the necessary representative subtleties.
  4. Submit the application

Further Post acknowledgment of the online application, the candidate will get the e-pass on his/her mail. Thee-pass can be carefully checked by the police officers conveyed in the field through their portable application.

F.A.Q About Rajasthan Epass


In conclusion, we shared all the details about Rajasthan epass status online, How to apply for epass Rajasthan, etc. Although anything is not written then please write in the below comment section.


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