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Jan Sahayak App Download Haryana

What is Jan Sahayak App Haryana? Addressing the people through digital media today, Haryana CM Manohar Lal said that every department of the state is engaged in serving the people in Loklok. A public support app has been created to help every citizen during Loklok. With this app, you can report any problem to the government, said CM Manohar Lal. The government will help you. Check Saral Haryana gov in epass online.

Jan Sahayak App
Jan Sahayak App

The app is available in both Hindi and English languages ​​and will be available for download on the Play Store from tomorrow, the CM said. This public support app will also be known as Help Me. This app will provide all the facilities to the citizens under one roof. Also know about poorpreg Haryana gov in Registration online.

Giving details about Corona cases, CM Manoharlal said that today there are 12 districts where Corona positive cases have not been found and Haryana has a rate of 68 per cent. Green card holders in the state will be given free rations for the next 3 months. Street shops including industrial and commercial establishments in 12 districts of the state will start from tomorrow. Registration facility has been started.

 Jan Sahyata App Haryana Online

This app is available in both Hindi and English languages. District Deputy Commissioner Amit Khatri on Sunday appealed to the people of the city to download public assistance on their mobiles and avail the facilities provided by the government.

The Haryana Government has launched the Jan Sahyog Help Me app for the citizens of Haryana. The app is providing 18 types of services on a single platform. You can go to the Google Play Store to download the app. However, a direct download link of the Public Support Help Me app is available on this page.

Haryana CM Manoharlal Khattar today launched the Jan Sahayak (Help Me) mobile app, a step towards taking Haryana on a digital track.

Through this application the general public can avail various facilities like ration, going to telemedicine bank and getting cash at their home. Additional Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister Uma Shankar said the app is available on the Android Play Store and is available in both Hindi and English. This is GPS which aims to help everyone in a timely manner.

Narol Deputy Commissioner Jagdish Sharma appealed to the citizens to download the app and said, “This is an integrated app that will provide all the features to the citizens in a single mobile app.” He said the citizen has to first register himself with a mobile phone number and OTP. Citizens can use the service once registered. “Through this app, citizens can request LPG cylinders, ambulances, doctors, e-passes, bank travel books, dry rations and cooked food, etc., as per their need,” he said. An SMS will be sent after the request is received and will be served at the appointed time.

How Work Jan Sahayak App

  • Basically this jan sahayak app is connected with local Government
  • Select language
  • Login and enter your Mobile number
  • Request for essential services
  • Like Food, Ambulance, Movement pass
  • Finally you can track request also

Jan Sahayak App Registration Process

  • For jan sahayak registration you have to download app
  • After that choose your language
  • Then enter mobile number so you got OTP verification
  • Enter OTP code you got
  • Then enter your Name and finally click on Submit
  • So your request will be done

About Jan Sahayak App Haryana

Deputy Commissioner Yashpal said a public assistance application has been launched on behalf of the district administration to reach out to all the people available on the Google Play Store in Android phones. He said that this app has been developed under the training of HCS Devendra Sharma and Jayaprakash.

The entire team of the district administration is working with various social and religious organizations of the city to provide food and rations to every needy person, the deputy commissioner said. However, if a person is deprived of food or rations, he can provide information through this app. There are three columns on the app, including the number of people who need to eat, the address and other information.

These three columns are fairly simple, which can be easily filled. If a person forgets to fill in the address he can easily reach the needy person depending on the location of the mobile. That said, a food request will be sent to the app that the information will be used immediately by the officer in charge of the area and when a photo of the person serving the meal is uploaded, the demand will go into the solution category.

Jan Sahayak App Benefits

See the Deputy Commissioner’s Dashboard:

One of the important things about this app is that it is geo-tagged. The Deputy Commissioner will monitor the dashboard through his computer, through which he will be able to know the whole situation and guide his officers. These key services will be available from the Public Support Me app:

Education or e-learning:

Interested students can use Learning Resources for school education, higher education, technical education and skills development.

Jan Sahayak to download Help Me app launched to fight Corona virus in Haryana

Complaint of non-availability of salary

The citizen can file a complaint against the employers for non-payment of remuneration / remuneration monthly salary. Will be sent to the District Labor Officer for necessary action.

Diet Request:

Citizens can order cooked meals or rations as needed. The mobile app checks with the database and if the citizen does not find the name in any of the state’s databases he will get an ’emergency ration token’ and it will be mapped to the nearest fair price shop. This work will be done for three months only. The citizen can go to the fair price shop and show it and get the same ration for free as OPH (priority houses other than BPL). In the case of cooked meals it will be evaluated and if the applicant is really suitable it will be extended to the citizen through the district administration or social organizations.

Financial assistance:

Citizens can also get financial assistance. The mobile app will be checked with the existing database on the basis of Aadhaar card and if the citizen has not received any financial benefit earlier, the citizen will be able to register and further action will be taken on the application after verification of eligibility.

If any family is interested in giving cooked meals or rations to other needy people, they can register their contribution.


Using this app, farmers can book a slot (time) to sell their produce in any mandi. This will help in maintaining social distance in Mandi.

Doctor’s advice:

The doctor will answer the doctor tab in the mobile app when the doctor goes to the telemedicine helpline. The citizen can treat it as per the advice of the doctor.

Easy to donate:

Through this app, it has been made easy for the government to donate to the Haryana Koro Relief Fund.

Asylum needed:

If a citizen requests to seek refuge in any relief camp, he or she will be sent to a nearby relief camp.

Book Bank Travel:

Citizens will be taken to Banklot.haryana.gov.in. Through this, the citizen can request a limited amount of bank slots (cash deposit / cash deposits / cash deposits) or cash delivery at home through the Postal Bank Service Withdrawal.

New pass feature:

Citizens can request e-pass for any required service like medical reasons, death in family etc. Pass facilities are also available for businesses and shops.

Volunteers can register:

Those who want to help people by donating their resources and labor can register and the government will make proper use of their talents

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