Police is Introducing the E-Challan System


The next time you are trapped in a traffic offence, you must sign the receipt online and collect an imprint on site. In order to resolve cases of police searching out bribes and helping track serial criminals Chennai city traffic police is introducing an eChallan scheme.

A pilot is being introduced and 21 mobile sensors are used at separate intersections. Finally, 300 such instruments, procured through World Bank support, will be used by Traffic Police.

Through using Blackberry devices Bangalore was in the forefront in implementing an e-challan scheme to digitally archive all offenses on a central server. Several other cities have started implementing similar schemes, such as Delhi and Hyderabad.

Sanjay Arora, Additional Police Commissioner (Traffic) explained how the Chennai system works: “The recording plate information will be entered on this unit, after a vehicle has flagged up for an offence. GPRS communicates to a central registry holding the records of all 32 lakh vehicles in the city and then returning the summary of the car. If a match occurs, the crime will be booked, an e-content will be registered and the information saved on the computer. If the registration number does not conform to the definition, a stolen car will be used and analysis will begin.”


He said repeat criminals can be identified and the police can easily analyze the form, extent and location of traffic crimes by means of this digital footprint.

Evading fines will get harder as the past of the crime will stay on the amount of registration of the car and in the RTO office.

Because every traffic policeman has a specific password to use the handheld unit, the accountability of fines received is made more clear. “Any room for arbitrary use is being cut off,” said Mr. Arora.
Only facilities like payment of the fines online and payment by Credit/debit card will be available when the e-challan system is fully implemented.


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