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The number of people on a motor vehicle is pre-determined, be it a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler.


Rules and guidelines are made by the government for the safety of the people. Basic rules while driving.


The drivers are responsible for not just their life but others too while driving. This is why drivers need concentration.


As the new Motor Vehicles Act comes into force, newspapers are flooding with wrong traffic challan articles. This brings up the question as to whether or not each one of these challans is genuine.

What if the rider is not the one who caused the accident? What will happen if a fine is imposed incorrectly? Many car owners who have already struggled with incorrectly released traffic challans will now challenge their validity.

There seem to be a number of reasons why one might receive the wrong traffic challan. Anything may cause the mistake: an unclear vehicle number plate, a police lapse of judgment, or a technical error.

wrong traffic challan


Technology is now used in every area. Even in the traffic department, it serves very usefully. The new E-challan system is being adopted by every state and city in the country. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata are already using the E-challan system nowadays.

Keeping in mind the current situation where staying at home is the safest option, people are coming up with new solutions to keep their work moving. But, as more and more relaxations have been granted by the government, the number of traffic on the roads has also increased.

Due to the lockdown because of the second covid-19 wave in India, people were restricted from coming outside their homes, unless in an emergency. With the crowd in the public places turning to normalcy, it is also recorded that the number of traffic violations is also increasing in the country.

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The Traffic Police Department does its duty every day excellently. Issuing challan and charging fines is a way of punishing traffic violators. With the advancement of technology, the method of issuing challans and charging fines has also modernized.

A few years earlier, the method of issuing challans and collecting fines from the violators was all done by the police themselves. The E-challan system was fully operational from the years 2016 and 2017 in the entire country.

But now, E-Challan systems have made their work a little easier. CCTV cameras help track the violators and the way of collection penalty is also done online.


All state governments in India have their portal for payment of Any govt fees or taxes. All states have almost the same types of challans. All states have a finance department/ revenue portal for the payment of various types of challans. For a collection of education-related fees, Governments make a contract with banks for the collection of such particular money. So in this case we don’t need to check the status. It’s upfront fees that banks accept on behalf of respective Governments.

“www.challanstatus.co.in” is a comprehensive platform covering all types of challans being used in India for making payment to government. Whether it’s Income Tax Challan,Traffic Challans, GST Challans, or challans related to any other government dues, the complete informations could be found here on the website.

Following are few of the important challans being issued and paid in India. We have tried to include as much information as possible.

(1) Income Tax Challans-

There are various types of challans under Income Tax. Few of them are described as below –

Payment of BCTT & FBTChallan ITNS 283 is used for payment of Banking cash transaction tax(BCTT) and Fringe benefit taxes(FBT). Sec 95 of Income tax act levies a tax of 0.1% on the value of every taxable transaction entered with your bank. FBT is taxes levied on the employer for the benefits extended to its employees as reduced by the amount recovered from the employee. FBT is levied at a flat rate of 30%.The detail to be filled in the form includes the Pan number, account details of the bank from which the payment will be made, and common details. The payment of both taxes can be paid through the Challan no. ITNS 283. You can save the pdf form of challan no. 283 from this link

Payment of Income-tax under Undisclosed foreign Income – Any income on which tax is not paid is termed undisclosed income or often black Money. If the source of such income is from out of India the tax levied depends on the type of assessesi.e. company and other than the company. Tax on companies is charged as per corporate rate and tax on other than companies is charged with different rates. The person gets no further deductions under any section of the income tax act. However, If the income includes taxability under any foreign act or is not taxable in India such amount shall be eligible to be reduced up to that extent.

Payment in respect of other taxes and duties onCommodities – Any Payment in respect of other taxes and duties on Commodities is done through Challan ITNS 285 also referred to as ‘Equalization levy Challan. It is applicable to residents and non-residents having a permanent establishment in India. The liability to pay tax arises when the amount of consideration extends the specified limit in digital domain services. The rate is 6% for both residents and non-residents.payment of ITNS 285 can be made in physical form that can be saved from the link below-

OLTAS (Online Tax Accounting System)-Challan Status Inquiry. Please click to access

OLTAS (Online Tax Accounting System)-Challan Status Inquiry



(2) Traffic Challans Violation(Please click to check status and pay challan)- 

Traffic Challans Violation(Please click to check status and pay challan)



(3)Goods and Service Tax (GST) Challan (Please click to create challan)

Goods and Service Tax (GST) Challan Creation


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