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We are a team of professionals from areas of Taxation, corporate laws and Motor Vehicle experts who have developed this unique platform www.challanstatus.co.in. Our experts from corporate laws keep updated the latest news related to various types of Challans being used in corporate, including Income Tax, GST and others

Our experts have worked extensively to explore the Rules of the Road Regulation, 1989, which emphasizes the importance of adhering to a collection of traffic rules and regulations for all road users. The law was implemented to ensure that the country’s transportation process runs smoothly. A challan is a certificate given to a driver of a motor vehicle for breaching traffic rules and regulations. If a traffic challan is released in your name, you are liable to pay the charge, which is determined by the seriousness of the activity as specified by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. A driver who does not obey the driving laws while driving can indeed be issued a challan by the traffic police.

The idea of even an e-challan system has been implemented since all is done on an electronic platform. A vehicle e challan is a computer generated challan that is provided to any and all traffic violators in India by the Traffic Police. In this digital world, traffic violators will indeed be able to pay their e-challan either online or in person, depending on either the city or state’s facility. To stop cash transactions, an e-challan system has been implemented, making it much more simple and transparent.

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