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Epass Janta Samvad Application Status

Epass Application Status Delhi: The international epidemic continues to be a crisis in Corona, along with India. In such a situation, the range of corona infected patients in India has also elevated rapidly. To cope up with the current situation, a 21-day countrywide lock-down has been initiated by the central government. Also you can check epass janta samvad org status as well with all state CM helpline number online.

The Covid-19 lockdown duration is set to continue till 15 April. And the Delhi authorities had received feedback about several instances the place those from non-public firms, ration stores and even media personnel have been being stopped with the aid of policemen on the roads. Check Delhi traffic police challan status and due to lockdown Arvind Kejriwal launched temporary ration for poor people so you can know about temporary ration card coupon Delhi from relevant department.

Epass Application Status Delhi
Epass Application Status Delhi

So the Delhi government has issued over 26,000 e-passes to the crucial provider companies considering the countrywide capital has long past under lockdown. An e-pass will help in such situations. The thinking is to ensure transparency and beautify effectiveness whilst these underneath necessary services are commuting at some point of the lockdown. Also many people want to check status of ration card in delhi so also it is possible.


About the E-pass

Every pass by has a special QR code and the police can take a look at the authenticity of the bypass thru that, the assertion stated. The color codes of e-passes are primarily based on the nature of service for handy identification.

Many people, mainly many milk plant owners, do no longer have a legitimate ID card. The concept is to generate an e-pass for them as well. many states have approached the Delhi authorities about how the machine of e-passes have been carried out in the country wide capital. Till date, the Delhi authorities has issued 26,447 e-passes to the humans offering quintessential offerings and 1364 e-passes to the motors carrying vital commodities.

The government has obtained 10,744 duplicate applications. The maximum wide variety of passes have been issued in New Delhi district. The government has also rejected (till now) 46,299 functions for e-passes and currently 47,914 are still before the government for acceptance as essential service. Besides, 1,364 e-passes and 561 regular passes had been issued for cars carrying essentials.

How to Apply For E Pass

The e-passes can be given out through the WhatsApp forum, the particulars of which will be furnished on a soon-to-be launched helpline contact number 1031, or at the workplaces of district magistrates.


Those coming from outside can practice for an e-pass thru WhatsApp to authorised cellular numbers, or the e mail ID [email protected], giving their particulars along with relevant documents.

In view of the heavy traffic on the helpline, an on line website —- epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/init — have also been created to generate colour-coded e-passes, which would be despatched on the WhatsApp range of the applicant after verification. Blue coloration is used for passes of Industry/ Manufacturer purpose,   Orange for Delivery of more than a few commodities, Green for Wholesalers and Grocery providers, Yellow for Retailers, Pink for those in the medical professionals like Doctors/Nurses/etc, Red for Chemists/Pharmacy  and Mauve for Miscellaneous purposes.

Required Documents For Epass Online

Requitie Details you need to point out to get e-pass thru WhatsApp:

  • Name
  • Address/place of engagement
  • Details of Essential service/purpose
  • Period
  • Time
  • Xerox of ID card documents for instance, Aadhar, Voter Card etc.
  • Vehicle number, solely if requires.

The authorities is scrutinising the applications


In order to keep safety filter, the unique picture ID or any other Government issued ID Number is to be referred to on the passes. The passes are Signed and stamped by using the Authorized Officer. It is solely after perfect Scrutiny and eligibility tests that the utility is accepted. Along with this Market /Manufacturing/Industries/ Hospitality etc. Associations are being told to popularize this E-service mechanism initiative.

How to Register For Epass Online?

  • First of all, you have to go to the legit internet site of Janta Samvad /epass.jantasamvad.org/. The homepage of the internet site is proven in the picture.
  • On the homepage of the website, you have to pick the alternative “e-Pass for journey during curfew” from the drop-down menu and click on the Submit button.
  • After this, the Curfew e-Pass registration shape will open in the front of you (Kiryana / Milk / Chemist Shop Registration). Here you have to enter all the statistics asked.
  • After checking the tracks put down in the Curfew e-Pass registration form, you can choose on the SUBMIT button.
  • In this way, Curfew E-Pass registration on your Janata Samvad reputable portal will be completed.

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F.A.Q About Epass Application Status Delhi

  • How to get e pass delhi?
  • What are the required documents for e pass Delhi?
  • How to apply for epass Delhi online?
  • Can I check status of epass application?

Required Whatsapp Number For Epass

If you want to apply or collect your epass online you can contact given whatsapp number depending on your zone:

  • New Delhi zone: 9873743727 / 9540675392
  • East zone: 8375878007 / 8447200084
  • North East zone: 8860425666 / 9540895489
  • South East zone: 8595258871 / 8595246396
  • North zone: 8595354861 / 8595298706
  • South zone: 9643150027 / 9599649266
  • West zone: 8595252581 / 9414320064
  • South west zone: 9971526953 / 9971518387
  • North west zone: 8595543375 / 8595559117
  • Central zone: 7428210711 / 7428336279

Conclusion of Epass Application Status Delhi

The Delhi government has also revealed the helpline contact number and has shared it widely, it is as follows: 011-22459536 for queries if any for all of us if one is stressed or ill-treated at the hands of the police for the duration of the 21-day lockdown.

Meanwhile, a full day operational control room has been opened for general public welfare at the workplace of the Divisional Commissioner in Delhi, and also at all the workplaces of the district magistrates.

An ACP-rank officer will be reachable at all times in the control rooms to make certain applicable liaison with the workplaces of district magistrates on instant action basis.

So we try to cover all the information about Epass Application Status delhi still anything missing don’t hesitate just write in the comment box. We will surely added in the article. For more info and updates bookmark Challanstatus.co.in website or visit it frequently.

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