Aseem portal registration

ASEEM Portal Online Registration 2020

What is Aseem portal online registration? Moreover, A campaign has been launched in the country to provide employment to the migrant laborers who became unemployed due to the Koro epidemic. In this regard, the Ministry of Skill Development of India has launched the Atmanbhar Skilled Employer Mapper (ASIM) portal with the National Skills Development Corporation. Check PM kisan tractor subsidy yojana 2020 online.

Aseem portal

Through this digital platform based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), migrant workers can get jobs according to their skills. By registering with Aseem, you will find it easier to find a job in a nearby area. On this portal, you can apply for Delivery Boy, Cab Driver, Bike Rider, and other jobs.

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However, These migrant laborers will once again be employed through this portal.

On the other hand, There were many skilled laborers who had to return to their home state during the Corona period,

However, the companies did not have the strength to work and on the other hand, many laborers became unemployed. Now, an infinite portal and app to solve the problem of both these sides.

Overview of Aseem Portal Online registration 2020

The country was locked down on March 24, 2020, due to Corona. Many lost their jobs because of this. It had the highest number of migrant workers. There are factories and many other things that only skilled workers can do. Because now the laborers have reached their state and the work has resumed.

Aseem Portal 2020 Aseem Registration Details
Name of Portal ASEEM Portal
Launched by National Skill Development Corporation
Benefits Easy opportunities for Employee & Employers
Objective Skill development
Category Central Government Scheme
State Name Uttar Pradesh
Website https://smis.nsdcindia.org

The government had two options, first, to bring back the laborers, second, to set up a platform between these laborers and traders, through which the people could work and provide labor to the traders. Aseem Portal has been launched for this.


The Aseem portal or app is also aimed at enabling the unemployed to get more employment opportunities.

In addition, Skills India announced the launch of Self Recruitment Skilled Personnel Mapping (ASEM Portal) to help skilled workers find job opportunities. additionally, This digital platform will prove to be very beneficial for both employees and employers. The ASIM portal will map the details of workers based on the demand of the sectors and local industry and bridge the demand-supply gap of skilled workers across the region.


The Aseem Portal is a skills management information system, which will provide a platform for employers to evaluate the availability of a skilled workforce and prepare their recruitment plans. It refers to all the data, trends, and analyses, which map the skilled workforce for the demand and supply of the ailing market.

Aseem Portal Online Registration Process For Employees [Step by Step]


Even Many people want to apply online or register for Aseem portal online registration

further, we shared step by step method for Aseem  portal online registration as below:

  • First of all visit the official website https://smis.nsdcindia.org/
  • after  that click on “For candidates”
  • So that in new tab open this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.betterjobs
  • Then you can install this Aseem app from the Google play store
  • Finally, the Aseem app will install on your Mobile Phone

How to Registration for Aseem Employers [Step by Step]

Likewise, if you have any office or organization like employers then you can follow the below steps for Aseem portal registration for employers.

  • First of all, visit the official website https://smis.nsdcindia.org
  • Click on “For employers”
  • After that, click on Registration
  • In these registration form, you can enter your personal details
  • Finally, your Aseem registration for employers will be finished

Benefits of Aseem Portal online Registration

  • Skilled employees will get jobs from top companies that pay good salaries through the Aseem app.
  • People will get more employment opportunities through this portal.
  • The economic condition of the people will be good.
  • Companies will be provided with appropriate labor.
  • Unemployment rates will remain sharply low.
  • The person’s income will increase.
  • Similarly,
  • candidates will get jobs in Swiggy, Zomato, Ola, Uber, SIS Securities, and more than 50 companies. Active cities include Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi (NCR), Hyderabad. All you need to get a job is your mobile number.
  • People can download the Unlimited app to see the details of all the jobs near your location.
  • On the other hand, Other details of jobs such as monthly salary, place of employment, required qualifications are also available.
  • People will be able to work around their homes.
  • In addition, an officer will call the registered persons and help them to find a new job without any fee. This app will enable skilled employees to start working in a new company within 5 days.

Eligibility Criteria or Required Documents For Aseem Portal online Registration

  • If the company wants to register, the government needs to register.
  • People hired by companies have to pay a minimum wage
  • If a person is looking for a job, he has to register.
  • Specifically,
  • To apply for the job, the applicant has to have his Aadhaar card, identity card, mobile number, e-mail, and what he has done before or what kind of work he wants to do. All this information must be recorded by the applicant.
  • Furthermore,
  • In order to get employment, it is essential that all the information registered is completely correct.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Aseem Portal

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  • However,
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in this post, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Aseem portal registration for employers and workers, as well as the advantages of the portal and the documentation you’ll need.

additionally, If you still have questions, please leave them in the comments section.

In conclusion,

We will make every effort to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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