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cctv camera tracking the traffic behavior in Ahmedabad city. Spitting into public without taking two hoots for control is now not so easy.

Moreover, the Union Home Ministry has made an act punishable in its revised lockdown guidelines to include COVID-19 under the strict disaster management Act. Facial masks are also compulsory in public places under the Ministry guidelines.

Public spitting is a breach of local law in different towns, but people in the world rarely take it seriously. If someone spots spitting in public, Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation charges a fine of Rs 1000. In Delhi municipal corporations, and many other states, similar steps are also in place.


The instructions for prohibition and spitting in public places in the COVID-19 outbreak are already releases by Bihar, Jharkhand, TelanganaUttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Haryana, Nagaland, and Assam.

In compliance with the consolidated updated guidelines released by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).


after lockdown extensions until 3 May, the spitting is fine according to Article 51 (b) of the Act on Disaster Management.

“Spitting is punishable by a fine in public areas. The selling of liquor, ‘gutka’ and cigarettes, etc. should be strictly banned and spitting is strictly forbidden, “The Ministry released national directives.


District magistrates apply the rules by fines and penalty provisions levied according to the Emergency Management Act, 2005.

Refusal under the Disaster Administration Act to execute government orders will lead to incarceration.


For spitting on the lane, a Rs 100 invoice would be deduced. If the Challan is not fill in a period of 7 days,  it also charges more than Rs 1000. There are many examples of the effects of the Cleanliness Drive of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PM Modi spoke of the clever town.

In the country where e-Chalian is cut, if spit and open in the streets. 


In conclusion, Ahmedabad becomes the first smart city.

Under the Central Government’s smart city program, several initiatives take place in multiple cities around the country.

With technology, achieving the success of these ventures has been much simpler. hence, e-challans cut from cars.

CCTV camera tracking

This happens with CCTV camera tracking assistance.

Through this CCTV camera tracking even if the spit is cast on the streets, the Challan will cut off.

The local Municipal Corporation of Ahmedabad introduced this scheme in the world for the first time to collect fines for spitting in public places from the e-challan. For the first time. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has built a state-of-the-art control and command center, at Rs 32 crore, under the central government’s smart city program. In the entire city, more than 4,000 CCTV cameras tracking traffic behavior. The Command Center offers live photography for all cameras.  The Centre uses this for city surveillance.

Currently, the police used this live footage mostly to keep law and order. E-challan places in combination with this to cut traffic laws. However, after extracting the head from the car and spitting it.  then the Ahmedabad Corporation has agreed to sever the e-challan.

challan deducts from Rs 100.

If a driver seems to spit, his number is noted by CCTV camera tracking, and an e-challan is forward to the owner based on the entry number. This shipping e-challan is 100 rupees. If the invoice is not paid out within a week, the organization will collect a sum of 1000 or more from the person.


This case hits the court if it is not a deposit fine.

In trade, you are having a challan and there is no negotiation. If you spit in public, the Challan is a reminder,” asks health inspector Shivaji Gaikwad, a college student capture by the newly form Anti-Spitting Team.

Clean up public places for the perpetrator Spitting paan is illegal, and anyone who has been caught must be seriously fined for this damage.

The laws must specifically enforce. If they are just on paper, it is not useful. The other penalty is to call for public toilets to wash This stops people from polluting the surroundings because they are familiar with the issues facing health workers first hand. If the Indian way of thought is taking into consideration, an awareness campaign may work. However, sentences and fines are the last dissuasion, given the lack of huge amounts of money for people.

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