Challan 280


Challan 280 Status

There are various challans and forms prescribed by the income tax department. The challan 280 status can be tracked online at the OLTAS portal. The challans are used to pay taxes by individuals and corporates. A counterfoil of the challan is preserved by the taxpayers as a proof of payment. Every challan is featured with a unique number known as Challan number. It is also known as Challan serial number.

A responsible taxpayer keeps a record of the challans or challan numbers. It is equally significant to track the status of the challan or verify it. Challan verification is a process of confirmation that the payment is properly accounted with the authorities. This saves us from lots of trouble which may arise in the case of any error on the part of the IT department.

Challan 280


Hence, we have shared here the complete step-by-step procedure to track challan 280 status.  Challan 280 is also known as ITNS 280. It is used to pay income tax through cash or cheque. Income tax is paid through Challan 280, 281, and 282. If you have paid tax through Challan 280, here is a way to verify it. We will also be updating on verification of other income tax challans. Also, check similar information on TDS challan status on challanstatus.co.in.

Challan 280 Verification

The challan verification facility is available online for the taxpayers as well for the collecting banks. If you are a taxpayer, choose the option accordingly. Well, there two methods of verification. one is CIN based and the second one is TAN based view. Both the methods are given below. The methods are quite simple and quick.

Follow the below link of NSDL portal for Challan 280 status verification page.


  1. CIN Based Challan Status Enquiry

For tracking challan status with this method, enter following details:

  • BSR Code of the collecting branch
  • Date of Challan
  • Challan Serial Number
  • Tax Amount Paid (this field is optional)

After filling up all the above fields, click on View button. Following details should appear on the screen at once.

  • BSR code of the collecting branch
  • Date of payment
  • Challan Number
  • Major Head Code with description
  • Name of Tax Payer
  • Date of receipt of Tax by TIN
  • Confirmation of the payment. (This will show only if you have entered amount while filling up the details)

Now, the TAN based view method allows you to verify your Challan status even without the challan number. So, if you have lost the challan counterfoil or do not know the challan number, no worries.

  1. TAN Based View

With this method, you just need to provide the TAN number. Also, select the range of the date for the financial year from the calendar icon. Click on view button to see the following details on the screen:

  • Challan Identification Number
  • Major head codes description
  • Minor head code
  • Type of payment

If you enter the tax amount, it will also show up in the results

How to Download Challan 280

You can download challan 280 from the same OLTAS portal of nsdl.com. Follow the below link and locate the option saying ‘Downloads’.


Select Challan 280 from the drop-down menu and get the challan 280 form in a PDF format. Taxpayers can also use the OLTAS portal to download other income tax payment challans. ITNS 280 is used to pay the due income taxes. The payment can be done manually through the bank or through online tax payment facility.

In short, it is not sufficient to pay the taxes. Proper verification of your tax payment is very significant. As the verification methods are made online, we are guiding users to check the status on the internet. If you have any difficulty in tracking challan 280 status, leave your queries here. Stay updated on your tax payments and verifications. Our guidelines for the online challan verification facilities will help you to carry out the procedure by yourself. Verifying your tax payments is important. Hence, keep visiting us and stay relaxed.

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