Saturday saw the horrific death of orthopedic surgeon, N Sudheer, as he was charred to death inside his own car after it caught on fire in Shamsabad. The SI in charge, K Satya Kumar has said that the victim had left his KPHB house at around 6.30 pm without telling exactly where he was going, which has led to suspicions regarding the sudden explosion of his car. The sedan that was driven by the doctor fulminated at Pedda Golconda. The incident took place around 8, and by the time the fire engines arrived and took control of the situation 45 minutes later, it was too late.

Soon after the incident, DCP N Prakash Reddy and other senior officials reached the spot. However, identifying the body posed a great challenge. The body of the victim, mainly his legs, hands, and head were severely charred with the rest of his body being stuck to the rods of the seat. What further posed as interference to the police in identifying the body was that his personal belongings such as his mobile, wallet, and watch were also burned up entirely. They surmised that the doctor was unable to get out of the car due to the seatbelt being stuck, and the doors being jammed. The door had to be pried open in order to get the body out of the car.  After the vehicle was engulfed in flames, the doctor was trapped inside.

The only thing that the police were able to get a hand on was the number plate. It had been detached from the car during the incident, and it was blacked out from the smoke emanating from the chaos that had ensued. But the fact that it was smoke meant that the investigators were able to identify the number plate.


It was discovered that there was a pending E-Challan payment that was due against the vehicle number. As phone numbers are linked to the vehicle numbers nowadays, the officers used it as the lead in their search for the doctor’s family and to reach out to them with the unfortunate news regarding their relative’s death. The call records accessed by the police showed that his sister was the last person that the doctor spoke to prior to his untimely demise, and that is who the authorities contacted.

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