Challan was Imposed in the Name of Ratan Tata


E-message Challan’s was sent to the Chairman of Tata Sons, Ratan Tata, by the police from Mumbai. He was convicted by the Mumbai Police of breaching the laws on traffic. When the Tata Community officials arrived at such an invoice, they took action. Ratan Tata said that he was shocked at his penalty post.
Do not dizzy the astrologer. This time, industrialist Ratan Tata thought that because of celestial constellations his challan had been cut off. While Ratan Tata did not engage himself in this, but somebody else’s productivity forced Ratan Tata to get under control and Mumbai Police sent a challenged man for breaching traffic laws. But the officials subsequently explained that this actually occurred due to a misunderstanding. The entire thing is shocking.

The Mumbai police sent Ratan Tata, the chairman of Tata Sons, an e-Challan letter. The police in Mumbai charged him with breaching the laws of the road. The Tata officials took action when they came across such an invoice. Ratan Tata said that he was shocked at his penalty post. After that, members of the Tata Group spoke about this matter with the Mumbai police. Mumbai police officers were informed that their car hadn’t violated the laws of the traffic. The Mumbai police eventually took part in a closer probe into the crime. It was surprising what came out after it.

In the probe, the Mumbai police said that a woman used Ratan Tata’s car’s number plate. In reality, an astrologer advised him to use a special number plate. The lady doesn’t know, according to the police, why she’s driving around with the Ratan Tata car number plate. Police said his car didn’t move through the Challan according to Ratan Tata’s group. Following this, police searched CCTV photos in all areas at which the car had broken the rules on traffic. This car was identified after a lot of investigation.

Police said a case against the accused woman was lodged under IPC Sections 420, 465 and the Central Motor Vehicle Act. In a circle of numerology believing, the convicted woman landed behind bars. In fact, it’s a crime to exploit your car number. Police from Mumbai said that the traffic violations had occurred in the area of Worli. In the name of Messrs Narendra Forward Private Limited is registered the accused woman’s vehicle. The Matunga Police Station police confiscated the vehicle.


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