A businessman, struggling for clarification on the challan

A businessman, struggling for clarification on the challan

A 30-year-old businessman is struggling to demonstrate the challan when Pune traffic cops give him.

this challan includes a photograph of the suspected traffic infringement.

The businessman argues that the photographic evidence failed to demonstrate any kind of breach.


in addition to these, he is awaiting further evidence from the police before paying the fine.

Pune Traffic Polic-challan

Preetam Dhavale businessman and a native of Amanora Park in Hadapsar. The Pune traffic police issued a Rs 700 challan to him on March 3, 2021.  Rs 500 for violation of police order and Rs 200 for breaching the police manual signal.

He received a photograph of his car, which he took while driving from Katraj chowk to Navale bridge on the Katraj-Dehu Road bypass.  Dhavale, on the other hand, argues that the photo is inconclusive in showing that he was violating any traffic laws.

Traffic Violations -challan

In addition, Dhavale claims to obtain the challan as well as a photograph of his vehicle, which is fined for a few violations. In order to prove his traffic violations, the cops even showed him a screenshot of his car.


But at the other hand, the image is so hazy that his car is virtually invisible. He didn’t want to comment on the photo’s authenticity, but it does at the very least indicate that he refused to obey traffic rules, even when it doesn’t show that he had been jumping the signal or otherwise disobeying the police.

Traffic Laws –

Dhavale admitted to Mirror that he was driving on the Katraj-Dehu Road bypass on that day and that the car seems in the blurred picture is his. He claimed, however, that all this did not imply that he had broken any traffic laws.

As expressed by Dhavale, The reason for the photographic proof is to get straightforwardness the entire activity. With the clear photographic proof, the traffic guilty parties can’t reject that they have not ridiculed the standards.

the photo ignores to illustrate his issue, and still, the police have sent him the challan, asking that he pay the fine and along these lines, he has tried the police action since of the nonattendance of straightforwardness.


The financial specialist has been attempting to contact the traffic police to get lucidity about the activity against him.

He said that he took a stab at reaching the traffic police office via telephone.  While looking for connecting with them, he went over their Twitter handle on which he has raised his objection.

The traffic police request him to mail his complaint to their email address. he did but he lacks any reaction from them.

Traffic Administrators –

As indicated by Dhavale, he is preparing to pay the fine yet his blame ought to be demonstrated first. He has lived in Canada for seven to eight years and he has kept even severe traffic rules there. Indeed, even here in India, he keeps all the traffic rules while he is driving. Dhavle advises that he is ready through the CCTV film on the off chance that he can be seen spurning the traffic administers. he is ready to pay at any rate give him one indisputable proof.

Ajit Lakde, controller of the traffic police division said that if somebody raises the issue about the photo proof then, in this case, the office will go through his grumbling. They will likewise check if the police faculty concerned has some different pictures showing the petty criminal offense. In the event that there is no convincing proof of the infringement, the division will drop the challan.


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