Challans to Make Car Cover Expensive In Delhi NCR

The vehicle owners of Delhi and adjacent areas in NCR would be the first ones to pay an additional premium while renewing their vehicle insurance for violating motor vehicle traffic rules.

Such extra premiums would be around the range ofRs.100 to 750 for two-wheeler owners and around the range of Rs.300 to 1500 for car and commercial vehicles owners, according to the insurance regulator.

According to the exposure draft published by Insurance Regulator and Development Authority(IRDA):

  1. While a driver caught drunk driving would attract maximum traffic violation points.
  2. The second highest violation score would be for dangerous driving which includes talking on the phone while driving.
  3. The traffic violation points will be doubled, even tripled if the offenders violate the rules for the second and third time in two years.

The Delhi Traffic Police have been keeping an eye on traffic violations digitally. Though initially this was planned for only the vehicles that are registered in Delhi, however, it was found that a huge number of vehicles from NCR ply on the city roads and hence why those vehicles would be also brought under this. The additional premium would be paid by the vehicle owner, as he/she is responsible for allowing anyone to drive the vehicle. The traffic violation premium will float over the self and third-party damage sections of auto insurance and can be attached to any section of auto insurance coverage that is purchased. IRDA has invited all interested parties to participate in the recommendations

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