The Indian courts have updated themselves with technologies during the pandemic to deal with the challan cases. The setting up of Virtual Courts is increasing rapidly throughout the country. This has boosted technological infrastructure in the country starting with the Capital city, Delhi itself.
Virtual Courts are basically court sessions held virtually or online; that is using modern technologies. Time like this, we’re staying at home is so very necessary, this particular concept is proving very helpful.
●On 12 May 2021, D.Y. Chandrachud, the Supreme Court judge, inaugurated two virtual courts, via videoconferencing, for settling traffic challan cases.
●The main focus of such Virtual Courts will be concerned with traffic violations captured through the cameras installed throughout Delhi.
●Under Section 208 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, will issue a digital challan that will be directly sent to the violator’s mobile phone. The violator will pay the fine through online mode.
●Around 7,30,780 cases have been dealt with by these virtual courts and Rs 89,41,67,812 has been collected as a fine for a traffic violation, by the Delhi Court alone as of 7th May 2021.
●When the fine is paid by the means of an e-challan, an acknowledgment will be issued showing the details of the challan.

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