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 Delhi Odd-Even Scheme 2019

“Delhi Odd-Even” scheme has implemented by Delhi Chief Minister “Arvind Kejriwal“. This scheme was first introduced because of a post regarding high pollution. In general, This scheme was implemented on January 1, 2016. So,The main aim of this scheme is to reduce pollution and smog in Delhi. Now Check the penalty or traffic challan status of delhi online at our website.

Moreover, The scheme came into force for the third time on November 4, 2019. Hence, It is implemented from November 4th – November 15th to curb the pollution of post-Diwali. The scheme is based on the last digit of the vehicle’s registration number. So,Under this scheme, the odd and even-numbered vehicles will play on alternative days.

Delhi Odd Even
Delhi Odd-Even

The smog is even coming from the adjoining states due to the burning of stubble which is the major cause of Delhi pollution. The smog is not only from the vehicles but also from the industries, burning of garbage also.


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Till now the pollution has been reduced up to 5-6% according to the reports, and there is only a small success by this odd-even scheme. Wherease, This scheme is a tool for traffic management and reduction in pollution. So, The smooth operation of a transportation system demands limited use of private vehicles and widespread consumption of public vehicles which will give an improvement in the infrastructure.

Delhi Odd-Even 2019

On the first day, there was a major drop in the level of pollution. According to The Central, Pollution Control Board stated that the wind speed has brought down pollution by almost 82%. Delhi has enveloped in smog with PM10 and PM2.5 due to the bursting of crackers.

The Environment Pollution Authority declared a public health emergency in Delhi on November 1. The Delhi government has ordered to close the schools till November 5th, it also has banned the construction activities temporarily and bursting of crackers in entire the period of winter.


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Delhi government urged all the citizens to use the mask when they go out. Also, Delhi government has urged to use of high-grade N-95 mask and the government is distributing free masks to the children in schools. Clean air is the basic right of all citizens.


In addition, smog air is not good for health if you consume it, it is hazardous to health. this scheme has deployed 2000 volunteers, 2000 civil defense volunteers, 465 teams of Delhi police, transport, and revenue departments deploy.

Moreover,259 violaters were fined on Monday, which was the first day of odd-even scheme implementation. Also, There are some of the precautions which must be followed by everyone. A few of them are: –

  • Do not step out without wearing a reliable anti-pollution mask that acts like a shield from harmful pollutants.
  • Drive on smaller roads, as bigger roads have more pollution.
  • Do not use a surgical mask, as they do not protect you from harmful pollutants.
  • Don’t burn plastic, garbage and other discarded items.
  • Do not use agarbatties, repellent mosquitoes spray inside your home.

Delhi Odd-Even Rules 

Also, there are some rules introduces by the Delhi government which must follow by everyone. some of the rules are: –

  • This Delhi Odd-Even rules scheme has implemented in Delhi for 12 days and it will be continued till November 15th.
  • Then, The timings of the odd-even scheme are from morning 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM.
  • After that, The main aim of the odd-even scheme is to decrease the pollution rate in the national capital.
  • The Delhi Chief Minister has requested Ola and Uber to deactivate surge pricing during the 12 days of the odd-even rule in Delhi.
  • The auto drivers are been ask to go by the meter during the implementation of the rule.
  • Also, The Delhi Government has announced to hire 2000 private buses to boost the public transportation system. however, Currently, 5,600 buses are plying in the national capital.
  • The DMRC will be conducting 61 trips during this period, 5,100 trips through 294 trains.

Exemptions Of Delhi Odd-Even Rules: –

Further, there are some exemptions declares by the Delhi Government are: –

  • The Delhi Odd-Even rule is not applicable for women drivers alone or with a child who is under the age of 12 years, a woman who is driving two-wheelers.
  • The private vehicles transporting school children in uniform during school time, and a vehicle of a person with physical disabilities are exempt from the odd-even scheme.
  • Moreover, The list of odd-even exemptions includes VVIP’s, VIP’s, Prime Minister, President, Vice-President, Chief Justice Of India, Union Minister, Lok Sabha Speaker, Opposition leaders in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, Chief Minister of States, UTS and supreme court judges, States Governors.
  • In addition, emergency enforcement vehicles, defense, paramilitary and embassy vehicles, electric vehicles are been exempted.

Timings Of Delhi Odd-Even Rule: –

Additionally, Delhi Government has implemented an odd-even scheme from 4th November – 15th November. So, This emergency rule has brought to bring down Delhi’s toxic pollution. It will be applied from 8.00 AM- 8.00 PM.

The Delhi Government offices will have a stagger working timings from 9.30 AM- 10.30 AM.

Further, These timings must be followed to avoid fines.

Penalties Of Odd-Even Rules: –

In addition, there are some penalties imposed by the Delhi Government. So, Any individual who is found violating the rule of the odd-even scheme needs to pay RS.4000. The penalty for violation earlier was RS.2000. Also, The Delhi police have deployed 300 traffic teams for the smooth implementation of the odd-even rule.So, Each of team consists of four traffic police to take strict actions.

Advantages Of Odd-Even Rule: –

Further, there are some advantages of the odd-even rule are as follows: –

  • By imposing this odd-even rule the pollution is been controlled and it was the major step taken by the Delhi government. Vehicular exhaust contributes to air pollution and the huge amount of vehicles were plying on the streets daily. This rule will help to control this problem.
  • Less traffic is also one of the advantages, traffic jam has become a regular big problem in the city. The traffic police can’t control the increasing traffic, this rule drastically decreases the number of vehicles on the streets and given relief to from the traffic jams to the people of Delhi.
  • By this rule, the use of public transport has been increased, as it has been considered as an ideal method to save money and reduce pollution. This rule forces to use public buses and metro to reach the destinations.

Disadvantages Of Odd-Even Rule: –

Moreover, There are some disadvantages to the odd-even rule. Some of the disadvantages are as follows: –

  • It has been failed in controlling the pollution, many of the critics have argued that private vehicles contribute only 5% of air pollution. Most of the pollution is from the industry and the burning of fuel and garbage. This odd-even scheme can’t control air pollution.
  • It has been caused inconvenience to the people, this scheme caused hardships to the people of Delhi. The metro system in Delhi does not connect all the areas in Delhi.
  • The pressure of traffic police has been flouting, the traffic police have no sufficient resources to curb the people for even the normal traffic rules.
  • Not a long term solution, this scheme is not a permanent answer to air pollution. The number of cars is been increasing and odd-even rules cannot be reduced on the road.

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Conclusion: –

The Odd-even rule has implemented by the chief minister of Delhi “Arvind Kejriwal”. This rule has been implemented to reduce air pollution which is caused the post-Diwali. The timing of the rule is from 8.00 AM-8.00 PM. If anyone violates the rule then they will be fined RS.4000.

There are some and exemptions which are been mentioned above. people of Delhi must wear an N-95 mask to be safe from pollution. This rule has advantages and disadvantages, everyone must follow the rules to avoid air pollution as early as possible. Almost our try to shared traffic challan status related info like Hyderabad traffic challan status online, Delhi police traffic challan, etc.

“Avoid the use of plastic, burning of plastic, garbage, burning of crackers, these will help to reduce the air pollution”. So what you say about Delhi Odd Even Scheme 2019?? Please give your suggestion about Odd Even Delhi rules, timings and penalty in the below comment box.

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