Even with the implementation of the strict covid protocols, there are many people who are still not following them. On average, at least 2000 people are caught daily and are given challan and fined.
So, the Delhi Police on 23rd May 2021 decided to try a different approach. The Delhi Police Department conducted a special campaign and personally delivered masks, sanitizers to people.
“Fines and prosecution will be continued, but for today, the focus will largely be on creating awareness,” an official said on Sunday.
●On the particular date, Sunday, the Delhi Police department did not issue any challan against the violators of the rules.
●The Delhi Police Department gave the violators a rose each and asked them to pledge that they will follow the covid guidelines.
●The Police used this day not to charge the offenders but to educate them regarding the covid.
“We started this as there were complaints all over Delhi that police were being harsh on violators. So, the violators will be stopped today but won’t be fined. We will give the people masks and roses,” said a senior police officer.

The Police Department said that educating people about the effects of the covid disease and how important it is to follow covid guidelines is more important than issuing challans and collecting fines.
Hence, in this particular drive, they would focus on imparting the effects of covid rather than issuing challans to the violators for the day.

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