2,000 driver’s licenses have been suspended due to failure to pay a challan in Mumbai.

Introduction – DRIVER’S LICENSES

Driver’s Licenses will be suspended if anyone fails to pay challan in Mumbai. it is critical to follow the laws and regulations in Mumbai whether you are an experienced driver or a pedestrian.

The city is the topmost attraction for younger people.  many people are seeking a stable job, result in an increase in both population and traffic.

Spending on a car has become cheaper as working people gain more. This implies there are indeed a ton more vehicles on the road, namely 2-wheelers and cars. However, more traffic on the roads means more tickets, which means more penalties.


 Suspension of Driver’s Licenses in Mumbai 

Mumbai traffic police have sent the driving licenses of 2,000 drivers for the suspension. these licenses were collected by  Regional Transport Office (RTO) for neglecting to settle up at least three challans. The drivers will need to give clarification regarding why their licenses ought not to be forever dropped.

If vehicle owners who haven’t paid three or more challans fail to provide a credible explanation .state road transport commissioner Avinash Dhakne said that the RTOs could suspend Driver’s Licenses for three to six months. Driver’s License will be revoked in severe offenses.

Duplicate License-

As the official said,  firstly, when a driver’s license is impounded, the car owner would file a fraudulent police report claiming that his license is lost. secondly, he can apply to the RTO for a duplicate license.

The information about pending penalties and Driver’s Licenses is now stored on a central registry. police and RTOs can access this stored information easily.


Lastly, the police will check if a Driver’s License has been suspended or revoked. after final checking the fines that were levied on him.

Advance notifications –

The advanced modifications have already been made to the fines levied for traffic violations. Current fines are amended and raised by almost 200 percent. It significantly expanding car owners’ and drivers’ liability. According to notification, Maharashtra is one of the states that denounced the newly imposed traffic fines as unworkable. Following this, other states like  Gujarat, Kerala, and Karnataka, placed the enforcement of the revised fines on hold.  they also cited the concerns of vehicle owners and drivers.


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