Assam starts the E-challan project. Sarbananda Sonowal, the Chief Minister of Assam, launched the E-challan project in Assam. Technology is now used in every field, and Assam is also encouraging the use of technology in its state. E- challan is becoming a solution to many traffic management problems faced by the Traffic Police Department. Introducing this modernized system in the state of Assam brings the state one step closer to modernization.
●The Chief Minister of Assam hopes that the E-challan system makes the traffic management system faster and more efficient in the state.
●He also thinks that equipping the state’s traffic management system with E-challan would bring transparency in the issue of the challan to violators and also while collecting the fine for such challans in the state.
●The aim is to substitute the current manual system with an electronically generated digital challan so that people can pay the fine instantly using debit/credit cards.
●The effort of the Central government for modernizing India is in full-fledged. Sarbananda Sonowal said that by bringing E-challan in Assam, Assam is helping the central government’s efforts.
Some of the areas related to the Traffic Management System in Assam that will be benefited are-
●Checking of the speed violations
●Red light violations
●Parking violations
●Entry restriction violations
The Assam Traffic Police will then issue digital challans, that is E-challans to the violators and they will be made to pay the fine for such challans online.


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