Fraud in E-Challan Payment in India


Fraud in E-challan Payment Online  in India

Send texts to people on cell phones to warn them of a traffic violation, and indicate a website address to pay the fine online. Fraudsters send messages to their cell phones using  E-challan Payment Online schemes introduces by the police to repeat people in the city that challans for the breach of traffic are given to them and that a web address to pay for fine online.

The local police searched and monitored the accused by the cyber cell. In the last three days, several people got such messages. Officials said they had no challan until they approached the police. Sources say that the errors are collect from smartphone apps through information and contact numbers of car owners. The misunderstood parties even send messages to vehicle numbers.


The fraudsters have attached a falsified link to Rs 500 online to https://echallanparivahan.in. While it is https://echallan.parivahan.gov.in, the actual website.


“I receive a message from Jalandhar to Ludhiana, saying I have a challan because I do not wear a seatbelt, but I do wear a belt while driving Hunny Arora, citizen adds.

Police Commissioner Rakesh Agrawal says: “It says that people pay for E-Challan Payment online not even have with them.

Fraudsters are suspect to have acquired the initial car registration numbers from some services companies. In these cases, the police cyber cell has already conducted an inquiry. The police track the defendant and block the bogus site.” The police will shortly comply.

He adds that district police will send an e-challan by post in which payment is made to the original website. After receiving such texts, he called on town residents to search all the details.



An ID purchased from a bulk SMS vendor and a range of “payment options” for a transaction is similar but not completely formal to a URL. The money, definitely, wasn’t going to hit its destination; it was to go to the wallet of a chartered accountant from Sector 40, who has sponsored his fake challan scheme since March with around 50,000 vehicle owners across the country. Finally, he gets arrest. Around ten days ago the traffic administrators in Lucknow and Noida Traffic Police told the owner of a vehicle of apprehension of a challans website. “It’s been a car owner based in Delhi. On behalf of the Noida traffic police,  releases a challan.

However, it was a false challan. The victim does not want to host an FIR, but the cyber cell is referred to regarding this,” DCP Rajesh.
And the police messed with them. They used the connection the Delhi-based car owner gave them and tried to pay a demanding amount. The domain has a search, it monitors the user’s position and Rajat Kucchal (age-36) is arrested. He has been responsible for IPC (cheating) Section 420 and IT Act Section 66 (computer-related offenses).
Around March, Kucchal had begun its operations. He formerly worked at an insurance provider and allegedly had deprived car insurance holders of details. He built a website to look like echallan.parivahan.gov.in, the government’s Challan Website. It had a similar URL: echallanparivahan.in, Baljeet Singh cybercell incharge. “For Rs 5,000-7,000 the domain name would purchase.

He continues to send SMS to car owners whose contact details have been hacked to guide users to the site.

The bulk messaging service is obtained online and the ID used to register is one that is unproof: the Noida traffic police.



The message says that the receiver has a challan to pay and connect to them. Only online banking through SBI is the original site acknowledge by someone clicking on it and lands on this bogus page.

It offers Multi-payment solutions.

“He may have duped about 50,000 people who paid for it because they thought that the text came from the traffic police in Noida,” said Singh. I would doubt they would know that they scam in most situations.

However, the Union Ministry of road transport and Highway has recently blocked the counterfeit challan website and barred it, flagging the counterfeit one. “He deleted most of his system data afterward,” said Singh.

In the last six months, the police have identified Rs 80 lakh transactions in his account. His transaction documents are demanded by the bank. Claims come from all over the world now — Delhi-NCR, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh.


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