Govt of Himachal Pradesh

A person can generate challan online for various types of payments made to the state treasury of Himachal Pradesh. One can pay fees for agriculture services, animal husbandry services, energy, finance, forest, general administration, Urban development, housing societies, and other payments to the state government.

Making payment as a registered user
1. Visit
2. Click on create an account and enter a valid email id.
3. Login with the credentials and generate your required challan.
4. Make a successful payment.
5. You can generate and print a receipt of your challan anytime by logging in and clicking on my transactions.

Making payment as a guest user
A person can make a payment on the portal as a guest user but the process is a bit tricky for guest users. there is no option on the window for guest users instead a person need to login by the following credentials-
User name- guest
Password- guest
Enter the captcha code and login as a user.
You can make a successful payment upon filling in the details and amount of tax amount.