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firstly What is Elyments app? You heard about elyments, if yes then great in this article we talk about India’s 1st social media App called Elyments app. Even How to elyments app download free for desktop or PC, Mobile, features of elyments app and more.

Although India’s latest ban on 59 Chinese smartphone applications, inclusive of the virally popular ‘TikTok’, has opened up a void in the vernacular social media space that the likes of ShareChat, Roposo, Bolo Indya, Chingari, and the likes are trying to fill. Chckout video app like Urlebird tiktok download online


Elyments app download
Elyments app

The move has, in addition, introduced the ‘make in India’ push back into trends, of which The Art of Living’s Elyments App Download free will be one. Moreover, To convince customers of the protection of usage, Sumeru has cited that all conversations on the app are quit to give up encrypted and that the app is completely compliant with statistics storage legal guidelines of India, with the service’s statistics servers are saved locally. India has extra than 500 million social media users. Also read about self-scan app online.

Even Yet most of these platforms are owned by way of businesses incorporated outdoor India, which has spun a debate about the privateness of statistics and facts ownership.

Elyments-App: Indian Social Media App

Thus, the Elyments App Download free is an Indian social media app. India’s vice-president Venkaiah Naidu launched a new app that will take on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Also Flagging off the app, the Vice President stated this is a step toward ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ and stated the adolescence have to be encouraged to come up with Indian preferences for most of the widely used foreign apps.

Additionally, The app allows users to stay in contact thru a vibrant feed, free audio/video calls, and private/group chats. This cross is not only being viewed as a large enhance to Indian startups and applied sciences under the country’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, but also a large push to the childhood of the kingdom to come up with such indigenous ideas. Also, the makers of Elyments have claimed the app as India’s first social media sharing app.


Elyments App Download free is available in eight languages along with Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and English. Venkiah Naidu cautioned that eventually, it ought to be made on hand in all the languages, so people from across the country can make use of it. As well as the team participants of Elyments stated the app has been created with user’s privacy as a priority.

User Privacy Policy in Elyments-App

Moreover, From day one, Elyments has been constructed keeping user’s privacy in mind, as a primary concern. Even the nation’s top privacy specialists have been guiding the graph of the product. Elyments ensures that the records of customers are saved in India and user’s information will by no means share with a 3rd party except with the user’s explicit consent.

Also, its uses to launch on 5th July at 12 pm, the app has over 100,000 downloads. Elyments app is available in the eight Indian languages. However, Privacy takes care of, and most importantly the servers are primarily based in India. Whereas the Elyments app is the push to India’s much-needed vision of self-reliance (aatma nirbhar Bharat).

It is touted as the first social networking high-quality app due to the fact it integrates the aspects of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, all in one app.


Elyments-App Founders or Owner

Provided that Over one thousand IT specialists have come up to create this homegrown app. Although made-in-India, the account can be created via every person from throughout the world. the app has made by Sri Sri Ravishankar’s volunteers that are a part of “Art of Living” along with the partnership of Sumeru Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Features of  Elyments-App Download free

Elyments’ imaginative and prescient is to combine the features of popular social media apps and present them on a single unified app. Terms that have ended up 2d in nature to social media customers – contacts, friends, followers – have all been delivered together in Elyments. The app is divided into three components – Hub, Social, and Chat. The hub has curated content, these themes are content-based such as lifestyle, fashion, sports. In this, you additionally get a game.

The 2d phase is social where feeds from pals and other people will be found, although right here you nevertheless get the alternative of writing and editing. In the chat area you get a risk to chat online with your buddies and name them. Elyments, the homegrown superb app, will be on hand in more than eight Indian languages and can be downloaded from all app stores and Google Play Stores throughout the world. The app has been download over one lakh times.

Elyments-App Review

The app customers can connect and communicate with friends, share updates, construct community and discover interests with like-minded people. Similar to Facebook and Whatsapp, Elyments also offers the selections of Voice calling and Video Conferencing. Elyments come with a digicam characteristic that has built-in filters and augmented truth (AR) characters. Users can additionally get news updates about a range of matters from across the country.

Coming to security, the developers of the Elyments app say that the app has been developed keeping in view the data safety and safety of users’ data. It comes with facets such as end-to-end encryption, which ensures that users’ data ‘remains protected from prying eyes’. The employer says that all of its servers are host in India, which in turn allows the app to provide a fast experience. People will be able to join globally and store locally.

Key Features of Elyments

While the app now combines the aspects of most social media apps, soon the team plans to launch audio/video conference calls, tightly closed payments, regional voice instructions and curated commerce platforms to promote Indian brands. #ElymentsSuperApp comes as a comfort to netizens who have been put off through non-stop censorship on other popular sites. Elyments promises to be an unbiased platform that embraces open conversations amongst human beings of distinctive colleges of thoughts. In weeks to come, Elyments additionally plans to launch:

  • Audio/ Video convention calls
  • Secure repayments by means of Elyments Pay
  • Public profiles who customers can Follow/Subscribe
  • Curated commerce platform to promote Indian brands
  • Regional voice commands.
  • Take picture-perfect images
  • Endless conversations
  • Stay updated
  • Keep your data private and secure
  • Realizing a one-world family

Elyments is a special app in phrases of measurement and vision. The journey has begun. On fifth July, Elyments will launch on all App Stores and Google Play Stores throughout the world.

How to Elyments-App Download?

Elyments app is accessible is free to download. After the download, one can without problems sign up on the app. Elyments already has over two lakh downloads and is handy on each IOS and Android platforms. The app has been crowd-tested notably via more than a 1000 people for numerous months. Close to 200,000 human beings have already downloaded and are the usage of the app.

While most opinions of the Elyments app at current appears to be positive, there are a quantity of reviews that nation that users are being unable to login to the app, suggesting that it nonetheless has teething bugs in the service. Nevertheless, it will be fascinating to see if Elyments, which has been formally backed with the aid of India’s Vice President as an best example of a provider made in India, manages to develop in person depend and rival world giants such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

After being in beta for a while, Elyments has so some distance considered over 1 lakh downloads on the Google Play Store. One can download Elyments app either from the Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS.

Elyments-App News 2020

As of now, Elyments is handy on both iOS and Android. Upon releasing, Elyments was once welcomed by way of Indians and inside 6 hours of launch, downloads over 100K were reached in Android alone. The app is reviewed by means of extra than 17,000 people in the play store. The rankings for Elyments stands at 4.5/5 in Android and the same i.e. 4.5/5 in iOS. You simply need a smartphone variety to create an account. In this, you also get a personal policy the place you can make sure that who can see your content.

You can make your private data private. Apart from this, in some cases the information is additionally shared with sure humans so that they can supply offerings in the app on the income sharing mannequin on this basis. However, there is an agreement from both the parties on this that they need to not misuse the personal statistics of the users.

Which Manufacturers Have Commenced The Use Of Elyments App?

Sri Sri Tattva, India’s main fitness, and well-being and FMCG brand has tied up with Elyments to launch its e-commerce shop by way of the social media application. Sri Sri Tattva will be a phase of the curated commerce platform on the app. Elyments customers can now purchase the whole range of Sri Sri Tattva FMCG and Health products, together with the great deal sought after immunity boosters, masks, sanitisers as properly as an vast range of kitchen essentials and food merchandise right from the application.

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The government has appealed to Indian groups to put greater emphasis on the manufacturing of indigenous apps so that home apps can be bolstered in the country. The VP similarly made a call to flip “local” ventures and thoughts into “glocal” projects, i.e. use science opportunities to construct services that would meet global standards. During the virtual launch, the VP stated the name for Atma Nirbhar Bharat will help the country to capitalize on its inherent strengths.

Final Words About Elyments-App Download

The campaign used to be aimed at giving a new enhancement to the monetary potential of the country by way of strengthening infrastructure, the use of cutting-edge technologies, enriching human resources, and creating strong furnish chains. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has announced, “Digital India Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Innovate Challenge” to pick out pleasant Indian apps in areas like office productivity, work from home, social networking, e-learning, entertainment, fitness and wellness, agritech, fintech, news, etc. The goal is to pick out the accessible Indian apps like Elyments app download free and improve them to world-class.

As we shared all the information about elyments app download, working or not, how to install, etc.. Although if you have a query then comment in the below comment box.

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