Get Rid of Obstructions Hiding Your Number Plate

Get Rid of Obstructions Hiding Your Number Plate

India, being a traditionally rich country, has its fair share of superstitions and practices. When it comes to their vehicles, they conduct poojas and adorn them with garlands during the first few weeks of buying the car. But even after that initial phase, you can see many cars that have ‘Nazar battu’ (talisman) or cement paste that has been smeared onto their number plates. Delhi Police has recently revealed that over 250 vehicles were prosecuted for their attempts to hide their number plates. While the initial penalty is Rs.5000, a repeat of the same means a twofold increase in the fees to be paid.

If you are not looking forward to a visit by the Delhi Traffic police, you should consider stopping the practice of covering your number plate, even if it is without any ill-intent. Around 150 people were issued a challan in the span of 3 days during the past week for concealing a couple of digits on their number plate, according to the Police. That’s not all, as items such as lemon, chili, and black ribbons hanging on to the number plates were also seen suspicious by the cops, and the people who had been doing this were also issued a challan.

While some people might justify it as having religious sentiments, most people do so in order to fool the traffic system, which relies heavily on number plates and their links to the owner in order to check for violations on the road. It was seen that many people hide even up to 3 digits on their number plate in order to avoid being picked up by the cameras. The Delhi Traffic Police has said that the fines existed to prevent offenders to continue with the malpractice, despite prior warnings.


“When the number plate is hidden with these things, it becomes difficult to detect the details on the database to prosecute those committing traffic offenses such as overspeeding, jumping of traffic lights, and hit and run cases”, said the Special Commissioner of Police. This tendency to cunningly hide the number plates using such crafty methods had been on the radar of the police for some while now. And so, they decided to start patrolling and handing challans to those people with defective number plates.

The interconnected system of cameras across the national capital exists to record traffic violations and to assist the police in identifying the culprits. The photos that are taken each time someone breaks a rule (speeding, jumping a signal) and send the data such as the number plate to the control center database which then issues the notice to the violator in question. There are also some folks who take it a step beyond and alter the font of the digits on their number plates to make the numerical digits look like alphabets. For example, a number plate that has the digits 8055 would be altered to look like B055. This is aimed at creating further confusion when it comes to identifying number plates.

Even if a couple of the digits are hidden or the font is altered, the images are still run on the database. Using the advanced algorithms that are available now, they are sometimes able to detect the concealed digits, giving out the details pertaining to the vehicle. Thus, even the people who hide their number plates will eventually be caught, albeit with more effort from the police. So, why not just have a clear number plate that will at least prevent the fines for concealing it?


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