High-Security Registration Plates (HSRP) expecting to reduce crime rate.


introduction-high-security registration plates

High-Security Registration Plates and color-code plates are compulsory. it makes by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. it is also known as MoRTH and the Delhi Transport Department. Also, these plates should be on your vehicle if your vehicle is bought after April 2019.

The main question is what High-Security Registration Plates are and why do they become so essential for every vehicle?

the answer to this is they are aluminum plates that are put on a vehicle using two reusable locks. The hologram of Ashoka Chakra applies on both sides on number plates.


it occurs by using hot-stamping to protect it against any forgery.

high-security registration plates

The permanent identification number of at least ten digits is a laser stamp in reflective sheeting. it is on the lower left-hand side of the registration plate with a font size of 5 mm. The HSRP is associates wired to the vehicle after its attachment on the vehicle on certification.

These new plates are very beneficial to everyone who is having vehicles because the old plates have really to mess with or steals by the thieves, but the new ones come with a permanent snap-lock.

also, these plates have data about the car like the engine number and chassis number.


The data in the number plate would help the authorities to know who the vehicle belongs to, also there is a unique ten-digit number that identifies the car.

Also, these HSRP plates can be only provide once to the owner of the vehicle.

The cost of getting these HSRP plates fixed for your vehicle would have different prices in all states.

Also but on average only four hundred rupees are charges for any two-wheeler.


an average of one thousand one hundred rupees is for the four-wheelers as it varies on its variety or category.

There is also a penalty if these HSRP plates are not on your vehicle.

If the government authorities find you, then the fine amount would be five thousand rupees which may extend to ten thousand rupees as it varies from living in different states.

You can get these plates from any RTOs and any authorized automobile dealer, there is a government-owned website where you can book these plates also:

If you choose to purchase or book your HSRP through the online methods then follow the link.

further, follow the procedure mentioned below.

  • Firstly, Click on the link or open the link in the web browser.
    • Firstly, please fill in the information ask for which is the vehicle number, engine number, and all the information related to you or your vehicle.
    • Choose “Non-Transport” if you own the vehicle.
  • If it’s for personal use then you can choose this under the vehicle’s class option.
    • On your registered phone number, a username and password will be provided.
    • log into the portal again to pay for the HSRP and a receipt will be produced.
    • You will receive a text from the portal whenever your HSRP number plate gets complete.
    Also, if you get a Challan, then you check your Challan Status by going on the government-authorized website. Challan Status will be available on:


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