How Does The E-Challan System Work In Guwahati

Guwahati is not only the largest city in Assam, but it is also the largest metropolis across the north-east part of India. Thousands of people relocate to Guwahati in order to find a better education or to find jobs and this has made it extremely populated. While the city is regarded as mountainous, people enjoy driving there and this has led to an increase of vehicles on the roads. To keep the streets and roads of Guwahati in control at all times, the traffic police have taken to the e-challan system to manage the lawbreakers and regular offenders.

E-Challan System In Guwahati

Over the years, the Guwahati traffic police have implemented the e-challan system to keep offenders off the roads of the city and state and it has worked exceptionally well. With the help of these e-challan’s, people can check and make the required payments quickly and without hassle.

Here is a look at  how the e-challan system in Guwahati work:


Basically, there are two ways to make payments for e-challans – online and offline. The online method is a lot easier and easier and convenient whereas the offline method requires a little more effort. If you find yourself with an unpaid e-challan, below are the simple steps to check and make the payments.

  • Look for an Assam Police or Guwahati Police officer with an e-challan machine. Give the officer the challan details such as challan number, registration number, or driving license number. Make the payment with cash and collect the receipt.
  • You can also make the challan payment by visiting the Assam Police headquarters and making the payment in cash to their specific department.
  • Send a cheque, demand draft, or pay order to the Assam Police headquarters address through courier.
  • Prepare a money order through the post office and send it to the Assam Police headquarters to complete the payment.


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