What is IFHRMS?

What is the IFHRMS Login portal? IFHRMS stands for an integrated financial and human resource management system, Government of Tamil Nadu. It is a governmental department that takes care of the monetary systems of the government, as well as manages all the human resource aspects of the government.

This organization (belonging to the government of Tamilnadu) is implementing a project called the IFHRMS project (integrated financial and human resource management system project). Now you can download e pehchan online from the ESIC portal.



Functions of IFHRMS Login


It is basically a tool that aims on providing long-term solutions that are required in carrying out all the functions of the department of finance, treasury, and many other government departments in other fields.

secondly, This system tracks down the financial or monetary activities and cooperates or integrates it with the human resource department which then works on automatically and /or digitally generating various tools for the employees.



Just like pension management, submission of pay bills, loan sanctioning, etc. finally,

manages employees and recoveries and maintains their service record. The IFRHMS project is the first such project in our country. It is a great initiative by the Tamil Nadu government for better usage of the state resources.

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Overview of IFHRMS Portal


in this section we talk about basic details or overview of the IFHRMS login portal as mention below:

Name Details
Organization Name IFHRMS Portal
IFHRMS Full Form Integrated Financial And Human Resource Management System
Department Name Treasuries and Accounts
Authority or State Name Department of Finance, Tamilnadu
Official Website https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in

How to Login in IFHRMS Portal Online?


As we know many employees having trouble with the IFHRMS login portal so in this section step by step guide on how to login in IFHRMS portal:

  • First of all, visit the official website IFHRMS https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in
  • Click on the “Login” cursor from the Menu section
  • Now enter your user ID & password
  • Finally, click on the blue button “Sign in”

About IFHRMS Portal

The department of treasuries and accounts is now trying its best to make a comprehensive and integrated approach towards e-governance, or digital governance, with their main focus on – process engineering, robust management of state finance, .

In addition,

workload optimization with the help of technology, and moreover, the department has now come to a decision of commencing the next phase of various digital governance initiatives.

Aim of IFHRMS Login Portal

The integrated financial and human resource management system IFHRMS is currently at the core of this transformation using digital means of betterment. This department shall take care of all of the activities happening at the finance department to such a large extent that it brings the department of treasuries and accounts, and all the other governmental departments on the online platform and ensuring all the real-time updating of the transactions happening in the depts. of finance.

Above all,

It is decided that this department shall also take care of the human resource components of the working population of the state by helping and managing the reduction of workload and associated drudgery or donkey work at various levels, provided it will be paperless (online mode) .

thereby, ensuring a hassle-free and completely nonchaotic work environment in the firms and offices and making the transactions with and within all these departments easy, ensuring proper robust management in all the working places.

Management of IFHRMS Payments

The integrated financial and human resource management, or IFHRM is, according to the administration is first such project in our entire country, for which, the government of Tamil Nadu has been applauded. The treasuries provide salaries of about rupees 153 crores to 24,575 employees of the state government and pensions amounting to be around rupees 22 crores for around 12,000 people who deserve pensions after the completion of their services (as reported from Krishnagiri).

The IFHRMS envisages real-time information on the finances and also, the state’s expenditure and incomes generated from jobs and other monetary aspects.

Department of IFHRMS

In the Tamilnadu finance department, there are many small departments that come under IFHRMS.  hence,

we shared a list of that:

  • Pension Department
  • Treasuries & Account section
  • Small savings Account
  • Co-operative & Local Audit department


The existing monetary management systems of various payrolls were really time and energy consuming as, it took around 8 to 10 working days to settle down for the salaries and pension payments for the employees, every month.


Once this project started, it came into vogue, the payments are being done in just one mere day, and it is helping over 9 lakh employees with their salaries and around 8 lakh pensioners, making all this work paperless and easy.

The commissioner of treasures and accounts really appreciated the 100 percent completion of the digitization of government employees’ service registers.

How to Check Your IFHRMS Payslip or Salary Bill?

  • Visit the official website of the finance department of the Tamil Nadu state government (karuvoolam.tn.gov.in).
  • Click on the “sign-in” option on the topmost part of the website and, log in with your user ID and password by entering these in the spaces provided.
  • Now, you shall click on the IFHRMS folder out of the 4 different folders which are there on the page you opened.
  • similarly,
  • You can also personalize the choices available on this page by setting up new favorites from various icons provided.
  • Now, you will see 2 folders here- namely- human resources and finance. Double click on finance, as; you need to see your salary bill.
  • From various domains available on the next page, select on the DDO Master.
  • Now, select the “pay bill groups” from various options available in the DDO master domain. Now, click next on the ‘create’ option.
  • There will be some fields such as the bill group name, post type(permanent or temporary), account code, which you need to fill, without any mistakes. Click on the review option now, and then submit your application. Verify if the information is correctly showing. You may switch on all the notifications.
  • finally
  • When completed, select the payroll domain on the top of the page and search. Select your job with the employee number. Then, add/ update bill group option needs to be clicked. You will receive a confirmation for your request with the request number. Now, view for the outputs of the completed requests and you will have your information.

Helpline Number or IFHRMS Customer Care Number

If you have any query related to IFHRMS login or sign up, epayslip download, and salary bill just contact given IFHRMS helpline number or you can visit IFHRMS official website https://www.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in as well:

  • IFHRMS Helpline Number: 04440172172

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the procedure if we forgot the IFHRMS login portal password?
  • How to download a payslip online from the IFHRMS portal?
  • What is the IFHRMS full form?

Final Words

So basically in the above article, we shared all the required details of the IFHRMS login portal, payroll login, salary bill, and all. The IFHRMS login is a department of the Tamil Nadu government, which takes care of all the aspects of the Human resources and the financial activities are also monitored by them. It had made payments of salaries and pensions way too easy for state government employees. It has helped over 9 lakh employees and over 8 lakh pensioners with its efficient and easy payments and further financial management.

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