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What is IFMS Telangana?

Telangana government launched the IFMIS Telangana login portal which stands for Integrated Financial Management and information system. It is a unified platform that aims to promote the efficiency of government financial management methodology, secure data management, Deep-financial analytics, and customized visual reporting. It is a platform developed by the TS Financial Technology department.

State Government employees can get the monthly ‘Pay Slips’ and access the personal details through this platform. IFMIS Treasury Department initiated this portal to save employees’ data and complete details regarding the payment and others. Want to know more about LRS Telangana online application status at the official portal.

IFMIS Telangana login


In addition Vision behind IFMIS, Telangana login portal is that financial Technologies shall be able to function using cutting-edge technology that secures data security, efficiency, and transparency. It is a comprehensive system where all its stakeholders rely on a single data source.

The main processes are payroll management, human resource management, expense ways, and means management, etc… It is a smart, simple, and secure application that runs using the latest technology.

Overview of IFMIS Telangana Portal

IFMIS Telangana Portal Details
State name Telangana
Name of Department Telangana Finance Department
Benefits Download payslip, Report UTR, Challan,etc.
Website https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in

Firstly, the IFMIS Telangana login portal consists of the following functionalities – Payslips, Report UTR, Challans, Challan forms, Budget volumes, Transport Challan forms, Foreign Service Registration, Cyber Treasury, Bank wise report, Challan form for TSTSL, Bank HOA wise report, Date wise report, Cyber Challan report, etc.

Secondly. This online payslip facility is available in both computer and mobile format. You can also download it in PDF format which means it can be obtained in the form of a hard copy. This facility can be availed through the Directorate of treasuries and accounts and IFMIS.


Payslips can be obtained by just Entering basic information like Employment Code, Bank Account Number, etc. which can further be used for applying for bank loans or any other financial processes whatsoever required.

The Treasury Department also offers the services of online Payslip for Income Slip, Budget, GST, Pension information, financial policies, Income tax, Audit, etc.

Information will be received by each employee through SMS alerts from the IFMS pay slip web portal.

How to access the IFMIS Telangana portal

  1. Visit IFMIS Telangana – https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in/login
  2. Login using username and Password given by Directorate of the treasuries department.
  3. Click on Sign in
  4. Login to the IFMIS Telangana page.

Procedure to download payslips from IFMIS Telangana

  1. Visit the website –  https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in/get_payslip
  2. Click on the PAYSLIP
  3. Select Employee Code or Account Number.
  4. Now enter the employee Code or Account Number and click on the Search
  5. The page will be like
  6. Click on Send OTP button and you will receive an OTP into your registered Mobile Number
  7. Enter the OTP you will be able to enable GENERATE PAYSLIP
  8. Now select the Month and Year from the drop-down menu and click on the generate PAYSLIP
  9. You will get your online detailed payslip.
  10. Now you can also PRINT your PAYSLIP by clicking on the PRINT button from where you can either PRINT or SAVE your PAYSLIP.
  11. Download or save your details

Pay Slip SMS Alert


We know employee got their salary each month so in This IFMIS login portal, there is one function so you know payslip via SMS alert as well. Also, you can check ts bdp payment status online.

Example of IFMIS Telangana Employee Details

IFMIS TS Payslip Details
Employee code 123456*
Name ABC
GPF/EPF No TS-12345
Pay Scale 28900-78900
Bank account number 12458541526
Bank Name State Bank of India
IFSC Code SBIN1234567
PAN number ABCDS120
Designation Teacher
TSGLI number T-1234567
Date 10/10/2019

Check UTR Report

  1. Visit the link – https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in/utrreport
  3. Enter UTR NUMBER and Search

You can also avail category wise Budget Volumes by clicking on budget volumes in the main menu.

Check budget volumes –  https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in/budget_volumes

IFMIS is really an inclusive financial management platform that can also be used for Challans.

Options available under CHALLANS Menu are – Challan Form, Challan Form for E Seva (Transport), Challan form for TSTSL and Foreign Services registration.

Let’s know how to Access CHALLAN forms

  1. Click on the link – https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in/manual_challan_entry
  2. Select Treasury
  3. Now Select Sub Treasury
  4. Enter DDO CODE

 To fill IFMIS Challan

  1. Click for CHALLAN ENTRY FORM – https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in/rta_manual_challan_entry

Click for TSTSL CHALLAN –  https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in/rta_tsts_challan_entry

  1. Fill in the required TAX details and Fees
  2. Enter Remitter’s Name, Address, Purpose, and Mobile Number.
  3. Click on PRINT CHALLAN

Registration for Foreign Services

  1. Visit the link – https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in/foreign_service_registration
  2. Select Treasury
  3. Then Select Sub Treasury
  4. Select DDO CODE
  5. After that Select Name of the Secretariat Department
  6. Enter Name of the Organization or Institute
  7. Next Enter the Address of the organization
  8. Enter TAN number
  9. Then Enter Service major head of the organization
  10. Enter the email ID of the organization
  11. After that Enter the Mobile number of the organization
  12. You may also Enter an alternate mobile number which is optional
  13. So you can Enter landline number which is also optional
  14. Click on Register

How to Get Cyber Treasury Details

  1. Choose Cyber Treasury Details from Cyber Treasury Menu
  2. Now Search by Challan or Department
  3.  Moreover, In case of Challan enter Challan Number and Click on Submit Button
  4. In addition If you choose to search by Department then Enter Dept Code and Dept TransID. Click on Submit

F.A.Q about IFMIS Telangana

  • What is the full form of IFMIS?

Ans: IFMIS means Integrated Financial Management and Information System.

  • What are the main benefits of IFMIS portal?

Ans: The main benefits of IFMIS portal are you can download employee pay slip or salary slip online, Report UTR, generate challan, etc..

  • How to download IFMIS telangana salary slip or payslip?

Ans: You can download employee pay slip from IFMIS official website.

  • What is IFMIS ts challan & how to generate it?

Ans: You can check the IFMIS challan procedure for generate on https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in.

  • How to contact the IFMIS Telangana helpline number?

Ans: If you have any query regarding IFMIS directly go to official website.

  • Who launched the IFMIS Telangana portal?

Ans: IFMIS Telangana portal launched by Telangana state Government.

  • How to download TS treasury payslip online?

: As mentioned earlier you can download TS treasury payslip from https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in website.

Final Words

Above all  In case of any difficulty in accessing any of the functions present in the website you can check DEMO videos which are available at the end of the IFMIS Telangana login website page.

Moreover, You can also avail news related to government financial updates from the portal. In case of any inquiry, you can contact the IFMIS hotline number between 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on working days only which is 7042420033.

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