Issue of Challan on Driving Wrong Side of the Road


Issue of Challan for wrong side driving

challan for wrong side driving cost Indian roads at least 24 lives in a day, with a further 4,800 people injured in collisions with other parked cars.

Although the number of deaths caused by accidents fell by almost 9 percent compared with 2017, deaths caused by parking vehicle accidents almost doubled last year compared to 2017, the new road injury study reveals.

Experts in traffic protection said that these two patterns have shown that compliance authorities have been struggling on any street, including national highways, where people who breach traffic standards and harm others can be found. The road transport ministry study published showed that the number of road deaths was alarmingly increasing, with 3,500 more people losing their lives on roads than in 2017, raising the overall number to more than 1,5 lakh.


According to the study, almost one-fourth of deaths from UP, with 2253 killed in accidents, caused by driving mistakenly, were registered. The number of such injuries and deaths registered was also higher for Bihar and Punjab. “First of all, the road owners don’t make roads for use and the plans are still flawed. You then see a rampant infringement of this norm. Bad compliance raises the killing of circumstances,” said Harman Singh Sidhu, who moved courts against NH liquor shops.

Given that driving in the wrong direction can cause deadly injuries.

the government has put the offense under “dangerous driving.

Also, the punishment for such a breach under the revised Motor Vehicle Act has risen substantially. The Center had told Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 and up to 6 months imprisonment for its first offense and raised the recurring offender punishment up to Rs 10,000 and the six to 12 months imprisonment sentence.


challan for wrong side driving

“We have no system of traffic police and patrolling on our highways is also marginal. In most situations, drivers only leaving the cars parked in the middle of the road without providing the warning signals.

The welfare of other road users is not a matter for ill-trained drivers. During the winter season, there are annual fatal accidents in large numbers in the entire country, and many are caused by the wrong side parked and car parks that have broken down on big carriages,” said Hardeep Singh, Founder, Arrive Healthy, a non-profit road safety organization.

Police from Gurugram have agreed to take tough action against drivers found on the wrong side of the lane.

It includes permanent revocation of the drivers’ license, Preet Pal Singh said on Wednesday.


The police commissioner has agreed to enforce stringent legal actions on anyone driving a road off the wrong side in Gurugram. Traffic workers are also ordered to challenge drivers and revoke their licenses.

If the mistake is replicating,  firstly, the drivers will ask for the license to be permanently canceled.

Secondly, the drivers will never again release, says Mr. Singh during his speech.

 Motor Vehicles Act

He announced that “Based on Motor Vehicles Act;

we challenged 49,671 people in 2019 for driving on the wrong side while the number stood at 39,765 in the year 2020.”

The police determine that if there is an accident because of wrong side driving.

the accused charges with a minimum of 10 years’ imprisonment under Section 304(2) of the Indian Penal Code.

Recently, the Lok Sabha passed Motor Vehicle Reform Bill 2019. The same applies to traffic breaches with stringent penalties. The same is true for the security of road users in India and for the elimination of accidents and deaths. A fine increase for drunk driving between Rs 2,000 and Rs 10,000 includes in the list of revised penalties.

Similarly, road users who not allow using emergency vehicles attract a fine of Rs ten thousand.

A fine of Rs 5,000 will apply to driving without a valid license. Without a seating belt, a fine of Rs 1,000 will now be required.

While it’s up to the countries whether or not they wish to introduce such reforms.

the Ministers of Road Transport and Highways are hoping they can do the same to reduce the number of road accidents in our country.

thereby make our highways safer.

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