Issue of Challan on Writing Caste Name on Number Plate


challan on the number plate

challan on the number plate for writing cast name can be issued by traffic police.

Tall, bold, and trendy stickers are a common feature of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chaudhary, Thakur, etc.

also of a great deal of other Indian countries. The question arises why do people put their CASTE in the nameplate or number plate in their cars or motorbikes. Nearly everybody said they are proud of their CASTEe, which is why they like to show it.


When asked if these CASTE labels give you an advantage on the lane.

then most people said you don’t want to harass anyone but you are well conscious of their influence on people.

Some people say that people after seeing the CASTE written in their cars.

vehicles are afraid of them and don’t dare to take any actions against them. Many people agree that these stickers are helpful.


other people from the same CASTE come to their assistance while they are in difficulties. This is a way to enjoy their community’s pride.

After the Noida Police ‘Action Clean,’ 1,457 two and four-wheelers are release with illegal sticks, denoting the CASTEe, faith, occupation, links to political parties, etc.

Rajasthan Department of Traffic(challan on number plate)

The Rajasthan Department of Traffic has released an order for drivers.

that says who use their vehicles for showing their CASTEe, faith, occupation, and membership of political parties.


The fine of Rs 5,000 for every graphic on the number plate.

the challan on the number plate for every graphic is charging up to Rs 5,000.

Motor vehicle act 1988

this fine is in compliance with the motor vehicle act 1988

The concern was that the vinyl on the windscreen of the car is dangerous as it limits the driver’s visibility. In comparison, the rampant show of CASTEe stickers encourages and fosters social CASTEeism and communalism.
Cars with Army, Police, Advocate, VIP, Pradhan, and so forth are shown. Funnily enough, the majority of people who drive cars in these commercials are not what they truly promote.

Moreover,An person in Gurugram flaunted an army sticker and tells us that there is nobody in the army in his household, but this sticker is a patriot. He doesn’t care that people believe that he has the sticker and that the impression of ‘Army’ has led to him by certain circumstances.

The UP Transport Commissioner’s office, grappling with a complaint concerning the use of CASTEe names on vehicles and number plates, released an order “Take necessary action against such vehicles, according to the existing rules, to all the regional offices of Transport.”

Routine challans could, according to officers, be given to violators under current laws as there is no law allowing such vehicles to be confiscated.

A tradition in the state has been the tradition of celebrating the social standing of one’s vehicles by placing the name of their CASTE and subset on their vehicles.

“We received a complaint in this regard and, citing a complaint, we ordered the authorities concerned to take the appropriate measures in compliance with current laws… It should take whatever action require and the same is passed on to the authorities,” says Dheeraj Sahu, UP Transport Commissioner.


The transport officials report that the complainant asks to seize those vehicles through the Integrated Grievances Redress Mechanism (IGRS).

The plaintiff adds that such glorification should avoid, as a consequence of which CASTEe rivalries will begin, causing a situation of law and order.

firstly, “It is nothing more than a dynamic dominance than other CASTEes that graves CASTE names that are not pleasant.

Secondly, CASTE-based names have to stop to deter potential CASTEe-based offenses.

as India is very vulnerable to CASTEe” read the letter to Regional Transport Department Officials from Mukesh Chandra.

Additional Chief Secretary Navneet Sehgal said nobody else could write anything on a number plate under the Motor Vehicle Act.

With the news of UP Transportation Department’s ‘pick up of vehicles that flash CASTE names’ virally release.

Regional Transportation Officer, Lucknow,  is Ramfer Dwivedi.

he tells TOI that whatever is entered on the plate is already an offense under the Motor V Rule.

However, it attracts Rs 500 for the first time and Rs 1,500 for the subsequent offense.

“There’s no right at present to seize the vehicle,” he said.

It should only display the number in a given font to be visible clearly like we have in HSRP,” says Chandra.

Moreover, he adds that “this is a separate order since writing something on a number plate is already an offense. this offense comes under the MV Act.

“The order must improve.


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