JAWA 42 being transported on Temp Receives Speeding Challan



Many motorists are having the wrong challans, as automatic challans are becoming a routine in India. Here, a Jawa 42 has earned a speeding challan Delhi for excessive speed on a flatbed towing vehicle on a flyover. Here is the scenario for which the speeding challan Delhi imposes on the driver.

The authorities and the traffic police in Delhi have now established a city-wide network of CCTV cameras that continuously track vehicles’ speed. In a recent event, an owner Jawa 42 is giving a hitch to load the bike on a flatbed to hold it. After the battery ran out, the proprietor loaded the bike on the concrete, and the owner could not start it. Two Challans are sent by SMS from two separate points by the automatic traffic challan system.

First incident  for speeding challan Delhi

In the first incident, there was a flyover of Kajuri Chowk in Usmanpur on Traffic Island. The second incident was from Gandhi Vihar, Outer Ring Road. The motorcycle owner – Major Kumar is shocked and the speeding challan Delhi arrives. He shared the same on websites for social media.


The Jawa 42 bike was 44 km/h in a 30 km/h sector, according to the speeding challan Delhi. The velocity is the same in both cases. The automatic challan device would most likely have registered the registration number of the motorcycle and recorded the bike’s speed while loading on the flatbed.


In Delhi, there is a separate limit for heavy cars, private vehicles, and commercial cars, as is the case for many other parts of the world. As the automatic device does not identify the car or the bus, the speed limit for heavy vehicles must be followed for all passenger vehicles (with yellow number plates). The speed limit for heavy vehicles is reaching for all cabs in Delhi.

The systems operate automatically and recognize vehicles that speed up and practically submit challans. We are not sure if this move requires human involvement, but we obviously agree that people should control the processes. Often the machine even incorrectly picks up the identification number and sends challan to the proprietor of another car.

In Delhi, the challan website can also use to argue. There are many website alternatives such as false login numbers, inaccurate challan, and several more that can pick and submit to the authorities. The officials then analyze the controversy and support the argument or disapprove of it. Speed cameras for speeding challan Delhi are installing around the Union in different locations. These cameras operate at night so that the speed limit after sunset cannot even be exceeded by the riders.


The Traffic Police Department has come up with a new proposal when many don’t pay for their challans earned online. The authority will now give a notification home and the driver’s license and even the registration of the car will revoke if the vehicle owner does not respond to the fine.

Another Incident-JAWA 42

Weeks after a woman is captured in Mumbai using Ratan Tata’s registration number, the police arrest another person for forging the registration number for Sunny Leone. Police from Versova arrested a 38-year-old man after Sunny Leone’s driver found out about the registration.

The accused who is known as Piyush Sen used a forged Mercedes-Benz SUV registration number. We don’t know the exact vehicle but the police say it’s a Mercedes-Benz SUV and most likely a GL 350. Interestingly, Daniel Weber’s Mercedes-Benz GL class has its registration number, which the family also uses to visit the city.

Although the time at which Sen has used the forged plates, the cops have not yet decided. When they ask him about it, Piyush Sen tells the cops that he thought the registration number is fortunate to him and he hence opted to register instead of his vehicle.


Traffic violations

Daniel Weber, Sunny Leone’s husband, got multiple e-challans in September 2020 for infringements of road security. Piyush Sen, who lives in Khadagpada in Kalyan, was actually responsible for the traffic violations. Sen holds on using the registration plate and his luck runs out as his car is spotted in Achyutrao Patwardhan Marg in Andheri by Akbar Khan, a Sunny Leone driver. Khan reported to traffic Officer Ankush Nirbhavane the violation of registration, who then ordered Sen to show his vehicle records.

The initial papers were taken to the vehicle by Piyush Sen. However, it is separate from the registration plate that he uses that the number assign on documents. In a statement by the police team, Akbar Khan told Daniel Weber about his report to the cops. Weber went with his car records to contact the police department.

In different sections, the cops reported a case. The IPC’s sections are 420, 465, and 469, and section 139 of the Motor Vehicle Act at Versona Police station. For one day, the police arrested Piyush Sen and investigated the case further.

Traffic Penalties

Although many vehicles use fraudulent or falsified registration tables in order to escape e-challans and traffic penalties, just a couple of weeks ago a lady caught the car registration number of Ratan Tata. The same excuse she offered to the cops to use the forged number plate was given. She said the numbers are lucky for her, but instead of the one allocate to her vehicle, she chose the registration number. Even Ratan Tata got some e-challans for the forged plates.

The Indian Government introduces the High-Security Recording Plate or HSRP. Delhi-NCR authorities now order the use of HSRP and challans are obtaining for any vehicle without high-security plates. These registration plates are fit-proof and tamper-resistant and can be unlocked again with a single bolt in the engine.
The police have previously confiscated a huge number of cars to use the falsified license plate. This is the first case, though, that someone uses the registration number belonging to a popular person.

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