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What is LRS Telangana? In this article, we know about LRS Telangana online application 2020 registration status and charges 2020. The state government of Telangana is aiming to promote a very well-planned development plan for the urban areas in the state. They’re working on fully encouraging the growth of towns and integrated townships by approving various layouts and projects, with both the private and public initiatives. Now you can do e pehchan card download online from ESIC website.

As, the government realized that there are still so many unapproved/illegal projects that are violating the master development plan for the state. Also lack some basic development standards such as drainage, well-built roads and street lights. In addition, LRS telangana online application 2020 or layout registration scheme is required when a construction or a project lies in a municipal area and is unapproved.



LRS Telangana Online  Application 2020

Moreover , It can be regulated under  scheme, hence concerning the local governing bodies. In the past, the government has once implemented such a scheme, but it was not much successful, as it states that it shall be a voluntary act of the illegal plot owners to come forward for the regularization.

there has really no action taken against the owners who do not come forward for the regularization of their properties.

So, in order to provide regularization of all the unapproved properties and provide a better and elevated standard of living in the urban areas along with a city level development, the government issued the rules for regularization of illegal layouts.

Details or News for LRS Telangana  online application 2020 Scheme 

Moreover, On September 1st, 2020, the government unveiled a new scheme that had certain laid down rules for the layout regularization for illegal constructions for both the urban and the rural areas.


In addition,

The rules will be applicable for illegal plots (sub divisions), unapproved layouts where the plots have sold through a registered deed for sale, provides that at least 10 percent of the plots are sold before 26 august, 2020.

There won’t be any relaxation for the plots sold after this cutoff date.

When And Where To Apply  LRS Telangana online application 2020?

It can be applied directly online for the LRS Telangana scheme on the official website of the Telangana government.


Similarly, you can also go to a citizen service center, noted that the last date for regularization is October 15th, 2020. The compensation amount to be paid is rupees 1,000 for plot owners and rupees 10,000 for layout developers. The mode should be online.

Required Documents And LRS Telangana online application 2020 Charges

A self-attested copy of the initial pages of the registered title deed should provide at the office, and, for the layout, owners shall provide that of the 10 percent of the plots.

The concerned authorities can ask for any other documents, once intimation is received following the registration under the scheme.

If the LRS telangana application is from a site which is contrary to the land use, as mentioned in the rules, conversion charges will be levied on the individual/ group. 10 percent open space should be present in the illegal plot or property, charges equal to14 percent of the total plot value will be levied, along with the conversion charges.

Finally ,These shall remit tted within 3 months from now, i.e., latest by 31st January, it should be noted that no relaxation in the amount of time is allowed.

Restricted Zones

There are some areas where unnecessary projects or even unnecessary movement is not allowed. For any construction or development activity near the airport, or within 500 meters distance from military or cantonment areas, necessary clearance has to be obtained from the respective concerned authorities. If it’s near some gas/vicinity site, the clearance shall be obtained from the concerned authority. Permission for any sort of construction will not allow in marked for industrial/ manufacturing or open space by the government.

LRS Telangana Rules

  • Width of the road: the minimum width of the road should be 9 meters. In the case of small or weaker layouts, it can reduce to 6 meters. If the minimum required road width is not available, the required depth for widening on both sides should be insisted.
  • Furnishing of the sale deed shall be done by the applicant the sale agreement or the legal papers related to power of attorney shall not consider as evidence.
  • No construction will permit in the bed areas of rivers and the full tank area of any lake /pond or any other water body.
  • Water bodies and courses will treat as recreational or green zones, so, no activity other than recreational activities will permit within 30 meters distance from the boundary of rivers.
  • This scheme is not applicable on properties from the land ceiling law, land over disputes, disputes over title or boundary disputes, etc.

LRS Scheme Amidst Covid-19

Some people told the government that they could not pay the huge amounts of money for the regularization of their unapproved properties amidst the coronavirus pandemic as. Almost every nation has a declining economy right now.

Moreover, Many people are not even getting half their salary during this time. So, the government of Telangana decided to implement the rules for LRS as per the 2015 edition. There is a considerable difference in the previous and the revised GO or the rules for the LRS scheme.

  • There have only 4 slabs in the previous edition, which is now increasing to 7 slabs.
  • In the previous set of rules, there has a 25% regularization fee that is a charge for up to 3,000 per square yards; 50% for 3001 to 5000 per sq yards, 75% for 5000 to 10000 per square yards, and 100% if it’s above 10,000 per square yards. In the revised GO, the regularization fee is 20% for 3000 per square yards, 40% for 3001-5000 per square yards, 50% for 10,000 to 20000 per square yards, 60% for 20000 to 30000 per square yards.

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Final Words

As in the above article we shared details information about LRS Telangana online application status, charges, calculator and more. So we hope you know the details about that. Still you have any query or confusion you can directly contact LRS telangana department. Stay with challan status for more information.


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