Motor Vehicle Act

The Central Government has made the following motor vehicle driving regulations in exercising its powers under Section 118 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 (59 of 1988), and in overcoming the road rules of 1989, excluding as to what was done or skipped before that supersession.

Traffic regulation is necessary to make the movement of vehicles and pedestrians safer and efficient on roads. The objective is to develop appropriate regulations for vehicle control, drivers and other road users. Any enforcement and supervision should be in compliance without unreasonable violation with the human rights of road users.

There are simple traffic laws that extend throughout the world. For eg, the “keep left” rule in India and the United Kingdom provides that the road owner or vehicle usually must be kept on the left or lane. However, this law cannot be solely enforced to one-way and multi-lane routes. “Maintain the right” is practiced in countries such as the USA and Canada.

Most countries in the world are in “keep to the right.” It would be easy for drivers to drive in a country other than their own if all the countries followed a single code. As, however, driving regulations vary from country to country, it becomes very difficult to conform to a collection of driving regulations separate from the parent country. Modifying road infrastructure, traffic control systems and even the development of vehicles would involve switching over from one law to another.