Section 178 : Travel Without Ticket

The Motor Vehicles Act, section 178 which was first implemented in 1988 is listed as traveling without any pass or ticket for any contract carriage. A penalty would be charged for anyone who is having any of the same cases stated below and the fine for “Travel without ticket” will start from two hundred rupees and vary to five hundred rupees. Anyone who is traveling in a stage carriage without owning a genuine pass or ticket with them, also they fail to present or convey their pass or ticket directly when it is requested, they should be penalized with a fine amount of two hundred rupees which may increase to five hundred rupees.

If a conductor or driver of a stage carriage fails to perform any of the duties such as accept the fare when offered, fails to give or supply the ticket, gives an invalid ticket or pass, distributes a ticket lesser in value, or check the pass or ticket of the people traveling on the stage carrier, they shall be punished with a fine of two hundred rupees which later on may extend to five hundred rupees.

In a situation where the driver or possessor of a permit refuses or declines to follow the contract carriage or carry the passengers in their stage carriage, they shall be charged with a fine of up to five hundred rupees if they are in a two-wheeled or three-wheeled motor vehicles and any other case or other type vehicles punishable fine may extend up to two hundred rupees.

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