Section 179 : Disobedience of orders of authorities

In the Motor Vehicles Act, section 179 which was first implemented in 1988 is for disobedience of orders of authorities. The brief description for this is disobedience of orders of Regulating authority and denial to provide any type of information or details whenever it is asked for. The fine will cost up to five hundred rupees to two thousand rupees.
Anyone who on-purpose defy any instruction or command stated by person or power authorized to give these instructions under this Act, or anyone who becomes an obstacle for any person or power who is in charge to perform some function or give any instruction under this Act to perform anything required, should be punished with fine of five hundred rupees may extend to two thousand rupees.
If anyone who is needed or required under this Act to provide and fully give any type of details, on-purpose hides any type of information or provides any information which is stated not to be true and they believe is false, they should be punished with a fine amount which will be five hundred rupees also may extend to two thousand rupees as per how serious the offense under this act if no other punishment is given to the offender.
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