Section 180 : Unautorized use of vehicles without licence

In the Motor Vehicles Act, section 180 which was first implemented in 1988 is registered as unauthorized use of vehicles without a license. Some brief details about this section are anyone who ownsa vehicle permits someone who is not authorized to drive or use any vehicles, shall be punished to pay a fine amount of one thousand rupees which may extend to five thousand rupees or imprisonment for a time which may extend to three months.
In this section, it states that anyone who is the owner of a vehicle or incharge of a certain vehicle gives permission and allows any unapproved person who does not satisfy the rules of section 3 and section 4 to use or drive the vehicles, should be punished by imprisonment for a term which may go up to three months, or they will be charged with a minimum fine of one thousand rupees which may also extend to five thousand rupees as per how serious is the offend is under the Act.
Also, any person who wants to drive or use any motor vehicles should have a valid license which is authorized by the Government of India. The requirement of a valid driving license is always required while driving any motor vehicle anytime.
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