Section 182 B : Oversize vehicles

In the Motor Vehicles Act, section 182-B which was first implemented in 1988 is registered as oversize vehicles. The short description for this section under this Act is that anyone having or driving oversized vehicles that are not meeting the requirements of the Motor Vehicles Act, should be penalized with a fine amount of five thousand rupees.
Anyone who is found driving or using any motor vehicle which is oversized from the normal or legal size of the vehicle, or any vehicle which is not satisfying the section 62 A when read with 110, shall be punishable with a fine which may extend to five thousand rupees which varies on the offend committed by the offender.
Section 62 A says that no authority should be registering any vehicles which break any law stated under section 110 and also registering authority should not publish a certificate of fitness by following section 56 for any vehicle which does not satisfy rules under section 110. Section 110 says that Central Government makes rules and regulations for specifications in construction, equipment, and structure of motor vehicles which have to satisfy every vehicle which you drive or use. Section 182 A is applied to any vehicle which does not satisfy section 62 A when read with section 110.
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