Section 184 : Dangerous driving penalty

In the Motor Vehicles Act, section 184 which was first implemented in 1988 is stated as a dangerous driving penalty. The short details about this sectionare that whenever anyone who is driving a motor vehicle with no speed limits or driving in a very dangerous manner which may be harmful to other people, they should be punished with a fine amount of one thousand rupees which may extend to five thousand rupees, or imprisonment for a term of six months increasing to a term of two years, or both of these.
In this section, if anyone driving a motor vehicle without any speed limits or driving recklessly which will be dangerous for the public or anyone, also considering all types of situations which may have occurred to drive the motor vehicle dangerously like condition, type of any case and anywhere driving the vehicle where there may be less or no traffic, even if at some certain time traffic slows or moves fast, the driver causing this would be punished by giving a term of six months in prison, or they would have to pay a fine which may lead up to one thousand rupees, and if the person is found guilty previously under three years of offending under this section of MVA act, they would be in a prison for a term which may increase to two years or pay a fine amount which may also be increased to five thousand rupees, or both types of punishment.
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