Section 185 : Drunken driving

The Motor Vehicles Act, section 185 which was first implemented in 1988 is listed as drunken driving or anyone who has consumed drugs before driving. The brief information about this section is that anyone who has either taken drugs or alcohol while driving or before driving the motor vehicle, the fine for this offense will be two thousand rupees may extend to ten thousand rupees and also imprisonment for six months may increase to two years if committed the second time.
Anyone who is driving or willing to attempt to drive a motor vehicle while they have consumed alcohol which means if the alcohol content is 30 mg. per 100 ml. in their blood after taking the test using breath analyzer, or they are under the control of drugs which means if their body is not functioning properly enough to control the motor vehicle, if this is the first offense under this section then they would go to prison for a term of at most six months and get a fine up to two thousand rupees, or both, if this offense is committed for the second time before three years of the first offense then they would be punished with imprisonment which may lead up to two years for a prison term and the fine amount would increase up to ten thousand rupees, or both of these.
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