Section 189 : Speeding / Racing

The Motor Vehicles Act, section 189 which was first implemented in 1988 is stated as speeding or racing with motor vehicles. The short information about this section is that anyone who is caught racing or taking trails of speed while driving a motor vehicle, should get a punishment of going to prison and also pay a fine amount of five hundred rupees which may increase to five thousand rupees.
Any person who is driving a motor vehicle while racing, taking trials of speed, or is a part of any type of race which is held in the public area without any written authorization from the Government or legal authority, should receive a punishment of going to prison by getting a term which may increase to one month, or have to pay the fine amount which is five hundred rupees it also may increase up to five thousand rupees as per how many rules were defied under this Act.
This section is also relatable to section 183 as it was for over speeding, but if you are involved in racing or any of this type of cases then the fine amount could go up to five thousand rupees and also one month in prison.
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