Section 192 A : Vehicle without permit

The Motor Vehicles Act, section 192-A which was first implemented in 1988 is listed as a vehicle without a permit. The main information about this is anyone who drives or tries to drive a motor vehicle defies the first clause under section 66 or violates any permit which is related to any route in any type of vehicle which is used, then punishment if can up to ten thousand rupees and also going to prison for up to one year.
Anyone who is driving or allows anyone to use a motor vehicle while violating the first clause under section 66 or defies any permission to use the vehicle anytime at any area, should be punished by giving a fine of two thousand rupees which may increase to five thousand rupees and if this is committed for the second time than imprisonment for three months increasing to one year or with paying a fine of five thousand rupees which may extend to ten thousand rupees or both going to prison with paying the fine.
Nothing during this section shall apply to the utilization of an automobile in an emergency for the conveyance of persons affected by sickness or injury or for the transport of materials for repair or for the transport of food or materials to alleviate distress or of medical supplies for a like purpose: as long as the person using the vehicle reports about an equivalent to the Regional Transport Authority within seven days from the date of such use.
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