Section 194 : Overloading

The Motor Vehicles Act, section 194 which was first implemented in 1988 is listed as overloading and overweight on any vehicle. The short description for this type of challan would be anyone who is having or driving a motor vehicle with overloading of any goods or things, they would get punished by paying a fixed fine of two thousand rupees which may increase to twenty thousand rupees with paying one thousand rupees which may extend to two thousand rupees per ton.
Overloading is an offense which is committed by anyone who drives or is in control of a motor vehicle or any type of vehicle which is overloaded or exceeding the legal weight for the type of vehicle, they should receive punishment if committed this offense for the first time of paying a fixed fine of two thousand rupees with one thousand rupees per extra one ton, but if this offense under this section committed for the second time than they would have to pay a fixed fine of twenty thousand rupees with two thousand rupees per one extra ton on the vehicle.
Also, section 194 has five sub-sections under it which are 194-A, 194-B, 194-C, 194-D, and 194-E.
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