Section 196 : Driving Without Insurance

The Motor Vehicles Act, section 196 which was first implemented in 1988 is noted down as driving without insurance of the vehicle or motor vehicle. A brief description of this section is that driving with a motor vehicle that is not insured and also defies the rules under section 146, anyone doing this will get a punishment of going to prison and have to pay a fine in money.
Anyone who allows anyone to drive their vehicle or driving a motor vehicle which is not having insurance which is violating the rules and regulations under section 146, should be receiving a punishment of getting a term which may extend to three months in prison or receiving a fine amount of one thousand rupees which may extend to two thousand rupees, or both imprisonment and paying the fine amount.
Section 146 of MVA states that no other person should be using a motor vehicle in the public place of someone else’s, only a paid employee is allowed to drive the vehicle of the owner of the motor vehicle. There are many rules written under section 146 which is important for section 196.
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