Section 199: Offences by Juveniles

The Motor Vehicles Act, section 199which was first implemented in 1988 is listed as offenses by juveniles. Juveniles are any child or who is not mature in legal age to drive any motor vehicle. The main information about section 199 is that when any crime is committed by a juvenile or children then the guardian or parent of the juvenile should be said guilty and also receive the punishment accordingly.
If a minor or juvenile commits a crime or offense then their parent or guardian will be held guilty for their offense, also they will get punishment about the same. The rule of this section, the Court shall presume that the driving of the automobile by the juvenile was with the consent of the guardian of such juvenile or the owner of the motor vehicle. The punishment for violating this section of MVA will be that the guardian or parent of the juvenile using the motor vehicle would have to pay twenty-five thousand rupees and also imprisonment for a term of three years. The child or juvenile should be tried with the JJ Act. The motor vehicle which is used in this offense should have its registration canceled forever.
The JJ Act is known as Juvenile Justice Act which is published by the government if any crime or offense is done by immature or childish people.
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