Pay Challans From Your Home

Pay Challans From Your Home

Imagine this, you’ve come home after a long day. You want to unwind, watch some TV, get some good sleep, but then you see these letters that have arrived at your front door. You feel the tension creeping in because you know what it’s about. You open it up and see that you’ve been fined for overspeeding. You knew this was coming. But now you have to pay it by the end of the week? All your plans for the weekend were ruined as you would be spending it at the RTO.

This would’ve been the case if we were still living in 2000.

We’re now in the information age and India too has caught up with the technological advances that accompany it. In 2021, you can do pretty much anything from the comfort of your home. From baby care products to actual flight tickets, everything is available online. That means you won’t have to spend your weekend at the RTO trying to pay off your Challan. You can easily do it from your home. It’s more convenient while also being quicker.


E-Challans are your new savior because you can pay off your dues from your home. All you need is a device with internet capabilities and internet. This means you can use your cellphone to pay it off as well. Even if you’re not the most tech-savvy person around, E-Challan payments are ridiculously simple to pay. But if you need any help or queries regarding the matter, this article is for you.

If You’re Using A Desktop/Laptop

You can either visit your state-specific Motor Vehicle Department’s website or you can visit the national database of Parivaahan. By visiting the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, you can pay for your Challans through the internet. All you have to do is enter your Challan number, vehicle number (This requires your chassis number as well as your engine number), or your driving license number. Type in the captcha accurately and you’ll be directed to a page where you can see the details regarding your challan status, as well as any other violations that you may not have been informed of yet. Click the ‘pay now’ option and you’ll be asked about the payment methods. Select your preferred payment method and pay off the due amount.

If You’re Using A Smartphone


The above-mentioned method is convenient when you’re on a desktop or a laptop. On your phone, however, navigating a website may seem a bit troublesome. But if you’ve ever used a smartphone, the one thing you learn sooner or later is that there is an app for basically everything. That’s right, you can download the ‘mParivahan Sewa App’ to do the same thing with much more ease through your phone. After downloading and installing the app, select the ‘more’ option in the ‘e-challan system’ tab. Enter the preferred details like you would do on the site [Vehicle number (This requires your chassis number as well as your engine number), or your driving license number]. Type in the captcha and select the ‘get details’ option and your challan status will be displayed on your phone screen. All that is left is to pay the amount mentioned using your preferred payment method and you’ll be free to spend your weekend however you like.

While E-Challan has made it convenient to pay off your dues from the comfort of your home, you’d be much better off not having fines to your name in the first place. While it’s easier said than done, a basic knowledge of the rules and regulations of the road, and following through on said rules and regulations would be a good start to a Challan-free life.

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