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What is a self-scan app free download in west Bengal ? How to use the self-scan app? For details read the full article. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has launched a self-scan app or self-scanner app. This is a West Bengal document scanner app that will work as a cam scanner app. Here’s how to download the Self Scan app. Check out how to download and use the Self Scan app. Check Urlebird app for watch tiktop videos.

The Information Technology and Electronics Department of the Government of West Bengal is announcing this opportunity, which is an Android-based mobile scanning app, which advertises for easy scanning, sharing, sharing, archiving documents.

Self Scan App West Bengal Review

Moreover, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Monday launched a free mobile application ‘Self Scan app’, which can scan documents over the phone. The self-scan app free download app could be a potential alternative to the “cam scanner”, one of the 59 apps linked to China, which is now banned in India. Also if you want to download an app similar app to Facebook & WhatsApp then you can try elyments app download free.


Also The Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Smt. Mamta Banerjee Monday unveiled the Self Scan app in the public sector.

In addition, Banerjee said the new mobile app Self Scan, developed by the state government, reflects patriotism and appeals to people to download, use and spread the word. He said he always wanted to use an app developed in the country.

Also, Banerjee said, “What Bengal thinks today, others think tomorrow. He explained that the application is secure, free, and without any advertisement. the IT department of the West Bengal government has set up the company. There are indications that it will come in the coming days.” “Indigenous” apps will be created.

About Self Scan App Free Download

Further, If you are looking for a self-scan app free download west Bengal review or details you can get it from below:

Self-scan App Details of Self-scan app
Name of App Self-scan app
Released Date 6th July, 2020
Requirements Android 4.0 and above version
Launched By West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee
Developed by Self-scan https://selfscan.nltr.org/
Size 29 MB

furthermore, The department is confident that such an app will benefit the people in a big way, without sharing users’ data and without being bothered by advertisements. Therefore self-scan app free download west Bengal simplifies the process of digitizing, converting, receiving, editing, receiving, protecting, and sharing all types of documents. Also, Any user who has an Android phone can take advantage of it. The iOS version is also set to launch soon.

Self-scan app free download features

  • Identically Any Android smartphone user can use it easily.
  • Also, A totally free application that does not have registration and includes various premium features of other mobile scanning apps.
  • Of course Easy installation
  • Uniquely Totally free from spyware! No-  cookies! conviction not in personal information! spying no occur! absence of phishing! third-party interference not allowed! So As a design principle, no user information has been collected. Information stays with the user! No servers store information. Works in offline mode. You don’t need the internet to use all its features
  • In addition, the OCR facility is available for English text. The OCR facility for Bengali, Hindi, and other Indian languages ​​will be enhanced in future
  • Additionally Multi-page scanning feature available. Sorting and changing the scanned pages gives the user an added benefit
  • Whereas the quality of the scan can be determined according to the needs of the user. Auto-crop and auto-edge detection features are available.
  • Password protection features for important and confidential documents will be available soon.
  • Henceforth Developed entirely by the ECT & E Department, Government of West Bengal.
  • User information resides on the user device and therefore remains private!

Technical Details 

  • Open network sockets
  • Access information about networks
  • Read from external storage
  • Required to be able to access the camera device
  • Read-only access to device state
  • Write to external storage
  • PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming

Self Scan App Key Features

  • Additionally Data always stay in the device. No storing of data by the app on any server.
  • Also, The Self Scan app does not capture any personal data of the user. No cookies, no background data collection. Its design policy is privacy-centric.
  • After installation, no internet is required for Scanning documents even for OCR.
  • Also, Scanning is done inside the user’s own device without sending it to the server.
  • comparatively, it is completely free! No adds! No registration is required for using this app.
  • OCR support is presently for English. Also, We are committed to bringing it for Bengali, Hindi, and other languages too. Due to design policy, no data is sent to the server even for OCR, hence all processing is done on your device. Hence This poses many challenges in improving the OCT of handwritten text. But we are working on it and hope to pleasantly surprise you in the next version.
  • Although How cool it would be to click a visiting card and get its content as a contact on your mobile phone! Hence We are working on it with limited success. So Again our app design policy forbids us to transfer data to the server. Hence we are trying to create the magic on your phone itself! Hope to surely surprise you with this feature in the next versions!!

How to Download Self Scan App Download Free

further Many people want to alternatives of cams scanner so they will download the self-scan app. Among them you can also want to download the self-scan app free then follow steps:

  • Also, You can download the self-scan app free from the Amazon website here

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Frequently Asked Questions about Self Scan App

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In conclusion, we shared all the detailed information about the Self-scan app west Bengal download free. Although if you have any query you can write in the below box.

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