TDS Challan: Payment Procedure For TDS Challan Status

TDS Challan

TDS (Tax deducted at source) is an indirect way of tax collected from the government to have a continuous flow of income revenue to run the country. TDS Challan acts like a proof of payment of your TDS. During financial matters like salary, lotteries, interests from banks, rent payments, etc a small fraction amount is deducted which is known as Tax  deduction. It works as pay as you earn pattern. This form of tax collection is done according to the Income Tax Act, 1961.

TDS is decided on the basis of the threshold limit of the tax payer. Tax is deducted every month in equal installments. In case, if the employee has changed several jobs , then the tax is deducted on the annual income for the following fiscal year. Tax is not deducted when a transaction is made to the Reserve Bank of India(RBI) or the government of India. If you want to check your OLTAS challan status then it is display on official website.

TDS challan online


Payment Procedure For TDS Challan:

The procedure for payment of your TDS Challan cannot be done without a valid TAN number. First, generate your 10 digit alpha numeric number from the Income tax department and follow some simple steps for successfully paying your TDS amount online.

  1. Get into the official site for payment of your TDS by simply clicking on the following link
  2. Insert your TDS Challan number for filling the ITNS 281 form for TDS payment.
  3. Fill in your TAN Number in the desired box (Note; The TAN number needs to be valid to reach to the next process of E-filing your TDS. Please check it!)
  4. Fill in the necessary details as asked on the page for payment of your TDS payment.
  5. After you click on ‘Submit’, a confirmation message shall be displayed which may take you to the link of net banking.
  6. Fill in your User-ID and password.
  7. After the successful payment of your TDS amount, a TDS Challan counterfoil consisting a Challan Identity Number (CIN) shall be flashed on your monitor.
  8. The deductee may also verify the status of the TDS Challan by simply clicking on the ‘Challan Status Inquiry’ on the NDSL-TIN website after 10 days of payment of your TDS.

Merits for paying TDS on time:

Tax may sound as a tension, but if paid on  time responsibly by every person it becomes burden free. Every month a fixed amount is deducted on our salaries for a whole year, with this a uniformity is maintained. Also, we are aware about the flow of our money so that we don’t mess up paying more or less at the end of the year. TDS helps in tax evasion and is a good source of revenue for the development of the country.

TDS Challan Status

In case, the taxpayer fails to pay on time or after the due date, an interest of 1.5% will be charged monthly. Earlier, the interest was about 1%, but increased so that people maintain regularity in payment of TDS. The above interest needs to be paid from the date at which the TDS was deducted not from the date the TDS was due. Don’t get late !


Conclusion of TDS Challan

The Income tax department has levied this TDS Challan on every citizen of India. This is done for the betterment of its citizen and the country. Every responsible citizen needs to pay their TDS Taxes on time. share many of challan soon like challan 281, Traffic challan and more. All corporate assesses along with other assesses liable for the Tax Audit under Section 44AB to mark the dates for successful TDS payment to the Income tax department. Be responsible with your TDS payment!


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