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oltas challan Status

In the first place, OLTAS Challan is a process of paying government taxes online. Every responsible individual, company and organization can pay their taxes through some simple steps.

Earlier, one could find long queue inside banks waiting to pay their taxes. Further in this system, the taxes are collected manually in banks and would lead to several errors. In OLTAS Challan, transfer and collection of taxes make speedy. So It is a joint effort made by the IT Department and RBI.

Whereas OLTAS (Online Tax Accounting System) is invented in April 2004 with an aim to reduce time and effort. Likewise, The system prepares with some objectives which include the collection of direct taxes, accounting of direct taxes, and keeping a track of all the payments that occur. Also it is a strategy evolved by the IT Department to make the work efficient and fast. Rather A strict record is kept of all the payments made by the taxpayers. so It also helps you to know the status of all the citizen.


OLTAS Challan

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oltas challan Enquiry

Furthermore, The process also enables tracking all the direct taxes paid by the Indian citizen and helps to view the payment paid online. With this, a new term emerged ‘OLTAS Challan Status Enquiry’ which helps to get register under the government of India. Also, The OLTAS Challan status can track in two types i.e. CIN based view and TAN-based view.

CIN based view Challan Enquiry

In addition, CIN (Corporate Identity number) is normally preferred by corporate companies which provides an identity and is authorized under the government of India. Further, Let’s move down to the procedure of viewing your status challan through CIN based view.


Procedure for viewing your direct taxes through CIN based view

  1. Firstly Visit the official OLTAS page by simply searching for Online Status Enquiry.
  2. Secondly, Select the option ‘CIN Based view’ to track your tax payments online.
  3. Then Insert the 7 digit BSR code of challan serial number along with the challan tender date.
  4. Finally, Fill in your captcha code to view your online challan status.

TAN based view challan inquiry

Additionally, This uses to track your tax payment online and is mostly prefers by businessmen.

Moreover, the process helps the entrepreneur to get register under the government of India. Likewise, there are few simple steps to view your online challan status online inquiry. Let’s jump straight down to the process.

OLTAS challan status

Procedure for viewing your direct taxes through TAN based view

  1. Visit the official site of OLTAS challan Status by simply clicking on https://www.tin-nsdl.com/oltas/oltas-note.php.
  2. Fill in your desired TAN number and select the duration of the payment.
  3. Insert the captcha code and view the page consisting of your e-banking.

Conclusion(oltas challan)

Paying tax is a duty of every citizen and is essential for the advancement of the country. This system introduces to facilitate every citizen of India to pay their income tax returns form on time and effortlessly. This process of tracking your OLTAS challan status helps you be safe and confident about your valuable money. Thus, this also helps the taxpayer to keep an eye on his/her money. We hope this article is capable of providing all necessary details related to the OLTAS Challan Status.Also we shared some other challan status details like how to check TDS Challan status, KVS challan, traffic challan & more so visit our website regularly!!!!!!!!!!

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