The traffic in big cities in India is getting busier day by day. There are thousands of motor vehicles running on the roads of the country. Every person is in a hurry to reach their destination but the traffic is a big challenge. The huge number of motor vehicles on the roads causes the traffic to grow and get slower simultaneously. But these alone are not responsible for slowing down the traffic.

The lack of wider roads, old and unwanted infrastructure and many more reasons are there that cause the traffic problems on a daily basis in different parts of the country.


The Vivekananda Road Flyover is a very renowned flyover in Kolkata. The flyover is also known as Posta Flyover. The flyover is located in the Girish Park neighborhood in Kolkata. It was decided that the Posta Flyover will be demolished this year as of June 2021.


The Vivekananda Road Flyover was supposed to be built completely till 2010 but was dragged on and on. After the infamous collapse of the flyover, the construction of the flyover was still not completed. The incomplete flyover poses a lot of problems on a daily basis in Kolkata.


  • The Kolkata Police and the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority decided to demolish the flyover completely this year. But in the meantime, the traffic in the city will be troubled for some time.
  • Major plans have been made by the Kolkata Traffic Police Department to help the smooth flow of the traffic in the area.
  • Execution of those plans has also been started by the Kolkata Traffic Police Department.
  • The demolition is expected to continue till the month of August 2021. Till the flyover is completely demolished, all the necessary plans are made for the neighborhood.

The Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority in their report said that special machines have been brought from Italy to complete the demolition of the flyover. These are brought keeping in mind the huge populated areas near the flyover and the safety of the general public. Not using the cranes which are normally used will ensure a lot of parking space and smooth flow of the traffic in the area.


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