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Traffic Management has been developing for the last couple of years. All over the world, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are going through changes as their need, use and viability are as yet discovering more up-to-date implications all through. In spite of the fact that they are put to ideal use in numerous urban communities in the US and Europe, Asian nations are as yet utilizing them sparingly. ITS is being tested inside India yet numerous tests should be defeated to make these frameworks more compelling and work effectively.

In an offer to keep up both exactness and straightforwardness, the e-challan framework presented by Traffic Management police in State Capital is probably going to demonstrate useful for the Traffic police staff in the coming days. The means are being taken to keep an appropriate information base of the routine violators other than saving the records for future reference. In the interim, the typical defaulters who got away effectively from police will be on the radar.

The E-challan framework presented by traffic police turns out to be one of the far-reaching computerized answers for traffic/transport requirements that are incorporated with Vaahan and Saarathi applications. In particular, it improves the permeability of wrongdoers and better traffic the board. It deals with two frameworks – giving challans through close to home contact, which is the point at which a cop gets a violator and issues a challan, and the other is through non-contact, wherein challans are sent through SMS after the infringement is gotten by CCTV cameras.


Delhi Police’s  Intelligence Traffic Management System

Delhi Police’s Intelligence Traffic Management System, endorsed by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, is to a great extent dependent on man-made consciousness. It considerably diminishes human intercession in the city’s everyday rush hour gridlock.

Alok Kumar, Joint Commissioner (Traffic), Delhi, said that they have been dealing with the goal-oriented ITMS project. One of the significant elements is the programmed arraignment framework which is empowered by a progression of cameras outfitted with high-resolution number plate discovery focal points to decide stop-line infringement, path infringement, speeding, going without safety belts or utilization of a cell phone while driving. When these infringements are identified, e-challan frameworks set up at the control rooms will send a notification to the violator’s location and caution the violator about the notification on their enlisted versatile numbers.

National criminal database

The video occurrence discovery cameras for online traffic, the executives and the proactive variable message signage, and speed control signs will likewise lessen the frequency of mishaps on the significant streets. Police can coordinate with the data gathered by the cameras with the National Crime Database and CCTNS to distinguish taken vehicles and catch presumed vehicles. This will especially be viable in finding vehicles engaged with quick in and out cases.

Motor vehicles act

To make the roads of the public capital more secure; aside from Delhi Traffic Police, the state transport division has begun giving e-challans to traffic violators rather than manual challans. An incorporated e-challan framework is required to acquire more straightforwardness in the indictment of vehicles disregarding the Motor Vehicles Act. When an e-challan is given, the proprietor of the vehicle will get an SMS. The e-challan is particularly proposed to get habitual perpetrators, who are responsible to pay higher fines.


The vehicle division has secured handheld gadgets or e-challan tabs, one for every one of its authorization wing groups. These gadgets are mechanically further developed than the ones being utilized by the traffic cops right now and can go about as POS (retail location) machines that would acknowledge fines through credit or check cards and issue a challan on the spot. There is roughly 200 staff in the vehicle office’s authorization wing.


The e-challan tab will be synchronized with the focal information base of the vehicle office and will promptly recognize a wrongdoer, who will be given an on-the-spot fine. The e-challan gadget will have a versatile printer for the guaranteed issuance of e-challans. It will likewise have a joined compact camera to snap a photo of wayward drivers and vehicles and send them to the focal information base. The significant advantage of these ‘savvy’ e-challan tabs would be in distinguishing and indicting habitual perpetrators, on whom heavier punishments will be forced. Likewise, traffic cops would have the option to effectively recognize precursors of a vehicle proprietor by entering the enrollment number of the vehicle in the gadget and it would turn out to be not difficult to see whether the vehicle concerned was at any point engaged with a comparative episode previously.

In its offer to build up the personality of traffic wrongdoers in a more successful manner, the Gurugram Traffic Police has begun an activity to connect Aadhaar, PAN card, and Bank record of the guilty party to the E-challan framework in a joint effort with the State Bank of India (SBI). Traffic Police plans to go credit only and associate Aadhaar, PAN card, and Bank records of the traffic violators to pay fines on the spot.


The City police as of late presented 150 electronically handheld challan gadgets to give fines on the spot to traffic wrongdoers. The machines can likewise give receipts and acknowledge fines by swiping charges or Visas. Those without charge/Visas will actually want to pay fines through Aadhaar, PAN card, and financial balances.


Sulochana Gajraj, DCP (Traffic), said that Gurugram Traffic Management Police. The thought behind connecting Aadhaar, PAN, and Bank accounts is to permit our staff to check and confirm the personality of any guilty party on the spot. Besides, the infringement fine will be deducted from the ledgers of the guilty parties and the Traffic Management police will go totally credit only.

Gajraj educated that they have been in chats with the administration of SBI. The credit-only framework will be begun soon.

Prior to 2017, the Gurugram police had dispatched a postal challan framework. The activity was begun to give more capacity to the city occupants to help traffic police in getting traffic rules’ violators by sending pictures of violators on the Whatsapp number and via mail given by traffic police.


The DCP mentioned that they have been getting full help from the city occupants who are documenting their grievances about petty criminal offenses across the locale. They are sending a photo and short video cut with subtleties like a number; spot, date, and season of the infringement of the Whatsapp number.

Not just that, the most important advantage of the e-challan framework presented by https://challanstatus.co.in/e-challan/e-challan-delhi-development-authority/police is that it regularly keeps traffic constables accountable for mismanagement while penalizing defaulters. To some extent, online payment will solve the issue. In addition, in recent years, on-the-spot fine selection has caused a lot of controversies.


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